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SensorFlow ... touchless technology.

Ideal Standard boosts hygiene with Sensorflow

Ideal Standard, a leading provider of public and private bathroom solutions, has introduced Sensorflow, a new range of electronic, touchless fittings that make it easy to upgrade hygiene standards in buildings.

Combining a clean and modern design with quick and effortless installation, Sensorflow is described as being the ideal choice for improving washroom hygiene across all renovation and new-build projects – from offices and restaurants, to education facilities and other public buildings. The range offers 100 per cent touchless fittings with an intuitive design for perfect hand detection, delivering the standards of cleanliness and comfort that end-users expect, says Ideal Standard.

“With Ideal Standard’s innovative EasyFix technology, and the battery and solenoid valve being integrated in the tap’s body, installation of Sensorflow is hassle-free, making the upgrade from traditional single-lever or push-button taps easier than ever before. Once installed, the fittings can be effortlessly maintained and serviced with access via the top of the tap. Cleaning is also quick and easy, thanks to a streamlined, cylindrical design that prevents water stagnation,” explains Frederick Trzcinski, Marketing and Innovation Director at Ideal Standard Mena.

The Sensorflow range includes basin rim-mounted, basin wall-mounted and basin panel-mounted fittings, with a choice between mains powered and battery powered, as well as models that allow you to adjust the temperature manually.

The Sensorflow range, now available across the region, is the first of a number of new touchless fittings being introduced to the market by Ideal Standard.


The Flat Collection ... new from Vibia.

The Flat Collection ... new from Vibia.

Vibia goes Flat out to create compelling settings

Vibia, a Spanish manufacturer of contemporary designer lighting systems, has unveiled its Flat collection which features distinctive, disc-shaped diffusers that form horizontal planes of light.

Created by Ichiro Iwasaki for Vibia, the innovative lamps convey the signature aesthetic of the renowned Japanese designer, known for his minimalist and abstract style. Flat’s sculptural spheres and lean proportions co-mingle in perfect equipoise. The flat metal plates reflect light off their surfaces, casting an enveloping, wraparound glow that appears illuminated from within.

Iwasaki’s mission was to create a modern interpretation of the classic reflector disc, which he realised in the fixture’s striking, static silhouette. The design easily integrates with surrounding architecture and generating layers of light and a graphic presence, says Vibia.

“Flat creates a rhythmic and comfortable landscape,” he says, adding that the contrast between a bold linear framework and its svelte discs produces a compelling structural cadence.

“Dotted on the ceiling, floor, and tabletop, it looks like letters of the alphabet or a line of musical notes,” Iwasaki explains.


Niemeyer II ... round sofa.

Niemeyer II ... round sofa.

Sofa takes inspiration from Brazilian architect

InsidherLand, a Portuguese brand of luxury furniture, lighting, upholstery and home decor inspired by natural wonders and art, has added a new grand sofa to the Niemeyer series in its Identity Collection.

The sophisticated round sofa is a statement piece with serene beauty, designed for bold interior living spaces.

“Named after the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, whose architecture is spread like sculptural poetry in the history of humankind, the design of the Niemeyer II sofa is influenced by the remarkable ‘Casa das Canoas’ designed by Niemeyer in 1951,” says Joana Santos Barbosa, founder and owner of InsidherLand.

From an aerial view, the sofa resembles a sculpted concrete flat roof floating on pillars. The flat roof offers its flowing forms to the round seat.

“In detail, the sofa is focused on the roof-indented front curve framing a large granite boulder. It is precisely that backward curve that we discover in the seams of the meticulous upholstered work that flows all around the arms of the sofa,” Barbosa says.