Monolith ... in new colours.

Geberit Group, a European leader in sanitary products, has launched new trendy colours for the surface cladding of its products – Geberit Monolith and Monolith Plus – as well as for various actuator plates to expand the design options for bathrooms.

In future, the glass front will be available in two new colours as well as two new claddings with a stoneware look, says Geberit.  The side cladding is also offered in black chrome, which can be combined with the dark variants in the colour range.

“Geberit Monolith is compatible with virtually all standard WC ceramic appliances and Geberit AquaClean shower toilets. Installation generally requires no structural modifications. This is a great advantage both in new constructions and in renovations,” says a spokesman for Geberit.

The Geberit Monolith Plus offers plenty of additional functions for greater convenience in the bathroom, including an integrated LED light, an odour extraction unit and an easy-to-clean control panel.

Geberit intends to introduce a number of updates to the Monolith colour concept to offer customers even more bathroom design options. “Going forward, the front cladding will also be available in two new colours made from safety glass, as lava and sand grey join our existing colours of black, white and mint,” said the spokesman.  “There are also two completely new cladding effects available, stoneware concrete look and stoneware slate look for a thoroughly on-trend bathroom aesthetic. The side cladding in colourless anodised aluminium will also be available in black chrome for the surface colours of lava, black and stoneware slate look.”

‘The new Geberit Monolith colour concept is also being carried over into the actuator plate design, as we replace our current glass colours of Umbra and Sand with new tones of Lava and Sand Grey. This updated colour scheme will be available for Geberit actuator plates Sigma21, Sigma50, Sigma60, Sigma70, Omega60, type 70 ad type 50,” he adds.