The new NFC/RFID smart card reader from Vimar.

Italy-based home automation systems provider Vimar has launched new smart solutions for access control, which are described as being simple to programme and easy to use.

Ideal for small and medium accommodation facilities, the solutions comprise two new devices: an NFC/RFID smart card reader – which shows the state of the room and allows access only to authorised persons; and an NFC/RFID smart card switch in the room that recognises the smart card and enables the energy supply in the room. 

In stand-alone mode, using the View Wireless app, the installer sets up the system. The manager programmes the accesses using the wizard built into the app, and stores the cards in a smartphone, which synchronises the system by placing the phone near the devices installed. Finally, the client uses the card to enter the room and any other common areas in the facility, if authorised. To increase the safety level, the “relay change-over” function has been introduced, which opens the contact from the smart card switch inside the room.

The access control devices are based on Bluetooth wireless technology and are available for the wiring series Eikon, Arké and Plana from Vimar.