The new Adele office chairs.

Designing office furniture is a complex task because in addition to being comfortable, it must pass safety and resistance standards, comply with dimensional and ergonomic requirements, be flexible and have an attractive appearance, says the Italy-based Viganò Office Chairs and More.

With the new Adele family of armchairs, designed by Orlandinidesign, it has aimed to address all these requirements. The collection offers a choice both in the height of the backrest and in the finishes available, ranging from the executive version with high padded or mesh backrest, to the meeting armchair.

The supporting structure of the Adele – a die-cast aluminum exoskeleton – is designed to accommodate backrests of different materials: light in the mesh version, more rigorous and classic, but equally comfortable, in the padded one. The customisation is further accentuated by the colours, the upholstery and the height of the backrest, which suggests the different uses of the armchair: executive, operational or meeting.