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Maggy ... standard version for offices,

Maggy duo to be unveiled in Milan

Viganò & C of Italy has developed its Maggy family of armchairs, which will be unveiled at the Milan Design Week 2021 in Italy this month (September 5 to 10).

Maggy is a smart combination of experience and attention to the aesthetic evolutions of the office and contract sectors.

The range, designed by  Basaglia + Rota Nodari, comprises Maggy, the standard version for offices, meeting rooms and smart working stations; and Maggy Big for more formal occasions and venues.

The designers have conceived an armchair (for visitors and for meetings) with an armrest that tapers lower compared to the backrest to bring the chair very close to the workstation. The shell rests on a light metal rod base, set back and shaped on the ground so as not to hinder the movement of the feet.

To enhance its aesthetic appeal for use in areas such as hotels and restaurants, Maggy is available with ash wood legs.

For more formal occasions, Maggy Big comes dressed up to the ground, and its rear curves and base guarantee maximum seating comfort and stability, according to its manufacturer.

Both Maggy and Maggy Big have an injected moulded foam, to which the upholstery adheres with a tension that does not generate creases.

The armchairs can be dresses in a range of 192 fabrics and leathers from Viganò & C collection.

“We focus on customer needs, for which we develop refined design furnishings, in which comfort and attention to detail are essential,” says Ivano Viganò, owner of the company.


Elementa ... individual elements can be combined to create various accessories.

Elementa ... individual elements can be combined to create various accessories.

Elementa helps create customised bathroom environments

Ritmonio, an Italian major in the bathrooms and water heaters sector, has launched Elementa, a series of accessories that facilitates the creation of customised bathroom environments.

Available in 19 finishes and in different materials, including stainless steel with its purity and the acrylic stone with its versatility, the accessories consist of modules of various sizes and lengths, which can be assembled together according to the homeowner’s tastes or based on functional aesthetic needs.

Dynamic and transformable with their clean design, the individual elements can be combined with each other in a game of joints and shapes, to create unique compositions and countless types of accessories, according to a spokesman for the company.

“As an example, the hangers for the bathrobe, combined with the rods, become practical towel holders. These elements, combined with the shelves in acrylic stone – full or perforated, and available in different sizes – allow you to create personalised accessories to create the bathroom  that satisfy your needs.

“In this way, you can create original and personalised combinations: from the classic shelf to specific elements such as soap dispenser and toothbrush holders, for a bathroom that brings the whole concept of personalisation,” he says.


Crystal de Luxe switch.

Crystal de Luxe switch.

FEDE brings crystal sparkle to lighting, switches at home

FEDE of Spain has expanded its new-concept Crystal de Luxe jewel switch collection with the addition of four new switches.

These include Sand, Velvet, Décor and Art.

Crystal de Luxe raises the bar in the lighting sector by integrating the shine of Swarovski crystals into exclusive authentic brass frames.

Sand has a sandblasted effect, which achieves a slightly rough surface of the brass frame thus creating an original decorative element enhanced by Swarovski crystals. The velvety effect of the Velvet is marked by its smooth lines, which imparts a glamorous look with Swarovski crystals giving it sublime elegance. Décor, meanwhile, is a combination of Sand and Velvet that stands out due to its exquisiteness.

Finally, the Art series is made up of multiple Swarovski crystals, whose brilliance and beauty is captivating.

“These extraordinary limited edition pieces are jewellery, sculpted and decorated by master craftsmen,” says a spokesman for FEDE.

The Crystal de Luxe collection was designed by Pía Capdevila de Sas.

FEDE also offers authentic brass lighting fixtures, offering the highest level of luxury with its Palace, San Sebastian and Paris Crystal de Luxe Lighting collections.