HÅG Tion chair ... flexible workplace seat.

Flokk says its HÅG Tion chair is both functional and aesthetic and meets the current trend of working from home, in keeping with the style of a design-conscious home.

Designed in collaboration with a trio of leading design studios – Norway’s Anderssen & Vol, Swiss designers Big-Game and London-based Norwegians Hunting & Narud, the chair is described as being a lightweight, customisable, endlessly flexible workplace seat that also happens to be the most sustainable in Flokk’s collection.

“Today’s workforce operates from dedicated home workspaces, dynamic office environments and, in many cases, both, navigating different settings depending on the needs of their task, team and timetable,” says a spokesman for Flokk.

The HÅG Tion chair can sit effortlessly in any type of workplace, whether that’s a kitchen-table hotdesk, a dedicated workstation, or a traditional office environment, he says. This flexibility is thanks to a huge range of options for colour and material customisation, combined with a lightweight construction that makes the chair easy to manoeuvre between spaces. 

HÅG Tion is available in a combination of wood, plastic and aluminium components, with or without armrests and upholstery and in a wide range of colours, styles and finishes. This provides the freedom for the user to create designs that suit personal style or any interior environment.