Geberit Tap Type 80 can be used in public washrooms such as ablution areas.

Swiss sanitary solutions provider Geberit offers an innovative washbasin tap system which has been developed to meet the demand for a robust solution in public bathrooms.

Geberit Tap Type 80, manufactured in the US and launched in the Gulf in July, is a hygienic and reliable tap for public washrooms that provides a clever solution for elegant, durable and hygienic ablution spaces with high-quality products.

The touch-free electronic tap has a contemporary design, is robust and vandal-resistant and ensures easy maintenance. It is offered in the Gulf as a mains or battery version, with an internal mixer.

The tap system can be used in ablution areas where installation is made easy with the pre-assembled Geberit Duofix frame, which is splash water resistant and designed for an electronic wall-mounted ablution tap.  The system comes with a new tileable cover plate, a sealing set and a robust tap connection.   

Geberit Tap Type 80 can be used in public washrooms such as ablution areas.

Geberit Tap Type 80 can be used in public washrooms such as ablution areas.

“In ablution areas, hygiene is highly important. With Geberit’s touchless taps and the suitable frame behind the wall, we offer an elegant solution,” says a spokesman for the company.

“The construction of the frame and the tap connection is extremely durable and therefore vandal-proof - that is, even if someone holds on to the tap in order to clean the feet, the installation is stable enough to withstand this charge. The function box is well protected and there is no need to worry about damages due to splash water. The cover plate of this function box is sealed and can be discreetly tiled and, therefore, blends harmoniously into the design of the bathroom,” he adds.

The Geberit tap system was developed as there was a need for a robust solution for public bathrooms. For ablution areas, a lot of persons use the tap to lean on in the ablution area. The Geberit tap system answers this market requirement and offers this robust, hygienic touchless solution.

Geberit’s slim, modern Brenta or Piave wall-mounted taps, which provide touchless operation can be used to complete the system. These taps with their slim design are the perfect choice for such applications.

There are two videos on the weight testing of the system: