Break Plus can convert any wall into a three-dimensional mural.

Global lighting company Vibia has responded to the current trends towards creating outdoor spaces by developing a range of options to suit various locations.  The Spain-based company recently showcased a variety of its solutions at Euroluce, a leading lighting exhibition held in Milan, Italy, in April.

Among them were Dots Outdoor, Break Plus and Class.

“Interest in outdoor living space has surged in recent years. As a result, designers are increasingly looking to bring indoor qualities to the outdoor environment,” says a spokesman for Vibia.

“Whether you want to enhance the existing scenery, highlight a particular feature, integrate an outdoor seating area, or simply add a layer of security, Vibia offers an extensive range of durable and weather-resistant outdoor lighting solutions suitable for both public and private gardens and terraces.”

Dots Outdoor nestles discreetly on a patio and emits a pleasant low-level glow.

Dots Outdoor nestles discreetly on a patio and emits a pleasant low-level glow.

Dots Outdoor, designed by Martín Azúa, has been created to nestle discreetly into the undergrowth of a garden or patio by day, while at night it emits a pleasant low-level glow from an invisible light source.

“Compact and easily installed, the fixture can be settled directly into the ground, positioned individually to enhance a particular feature or composed collectively to create multiple points of light,” he says.

The fixture is available in two sizes, two light effects and three natural tones.

Break Plus, designed by Xuclà, integrates into the architecture, converting any wall into a three-dimensional mural. Arranged individually or as a group, it consists of three geometric volumes in four different sizes that cast diffused, indirect light upwards, downwards – or in both directions creating a dialogue between light and shadow, says the spokesman.

Surface mounted, water resistant and easily maintained, Break Plus is suitable for private residential properties as well as larger commercial projects.

Meanwhile, Out, design by Víctor Carrasco, breaks down traditional architectural barriers by introducing a floor fixture suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. Available in a range of soothing colours, the fixture consists of two cones connected by a flexible rod that extends vertically into the air before bending over in a broad arch.

“Forming islands of light in the darkness, Out brings a poetic aesthetic to both private and commercial patios and terraces. Ideal for illuminating a table or communal area, Out provides flat diffused lighting with dimming control, so users can personalise the atmosphere to suit their mood,” he points out.

Finally, Class, designed by Sebastian Herkner, elevates transitional lighting, combining the refined aesthetic of a floor lamp with the functional performance of a bollard. Consisting of a fluted cylindrical glass diffuser supported by an aluminium shaft, it radiates a soft, indirect glow thanks to LED strip lighting encased within. A durable solution for outdoor environments, it is available as a wall sconce or floor lamp with a choice of single or asymmetrical double glass diffuser. Remote dimming control ensures maximum versatility.

“At Vibia, our aim is to lead the way in new lighting design – thinking about lighting as a way of creating spaces and ambiences that makes an impact and evokes sensations in addition to having a positive effect on people,” he concludes.