Etnia panels are lined with sound-absorbing fabrics in various colours.

Fabbian, an Italian manufacturer of lighting fixtures for residential and commercial applications, has recently unveiled its Etnia suspension lamp, in line with its efforts to offer lighting solutions that are not only functional and appealing, but also environment-friendly. Its green attributes are derived from the fact that it is made using recycled PET materials and provides high acoustic comfort.

The latest innovation follows the success of Acustica, a family of lamps available in suspension and wall versions, and took form on the drawing boards of the same designers Gio Minelli and Marco Fossati.

“The Etnia system consists of a very simple linear element with direct and indirect light and interchangeable panels, suspended between a pair of aluminium profiles,” says a spokesman for Fabbian. “The panels are lined with sound-absorbing fabrics in various colours and are available with customised finishes. These colours and textures create an interaction with the light, helping to define a perfect synthesis between the technical world and the decorative world.”

The new collection of indoor pendant lamps with sound-absorbing properties consists of panels made from recycled PET covered in coloured fabric. The black anodised aluminium structure has an upper diffuser in opaline PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) and a lower diffuser in micro-prismated PMMA. The LED source is available in an ‘On Off’ version, or with double control of the uplight and downlight flows with Push 1..10V, Push1..10V Dali, or phase cut systems. The power supply is integrated, and all the versions are high efficiency and ripple free.

Acustica features a large, slim lampshade inspired by a drum cymbal but reverses the musical concept by absorbing sound from the space, to create a high level of acoustic comfort. Its naturally inclined angle, and its lightness, make dynamic and creative compositions of multiple lamps possible, whilst the light source itself remains central and fixed. Acustica is available in a range of colour variations, and is suitable for use in public spaces such as restaurants and luxury offices, as well as large waiting areas, the spokesman concludes.