Berger’s Weathercoat Ultra exterior protection.

Berger Paints says its newly-introduced Weathercoat line of exterior finishes have created a stir in the market, thanks to its properties and 10-year warranty offering, with the range now set to be specified on a number of projects.

The Weathercoat line offers an advanced exterior finishing system with premium, technically advanced finishes over multiple product categories, designed to work together or independently to create the complete exterior solution.

“Weathercoat offers a selection of luxury exterior finishes that stand for ‘total exterior protection’,” says Manish Mehra, regional head – Middle East and Egypt for Berger Paints. “By far the most comprehensive exterior system to date, the range covers everything a consumer may need for exteriors: luxury smooth finishes, premium textured finishes that are also elastomeric and anti-carbonation coatings, luxury signature finishes, advanced temperature reduction coatings and premium acrylic spray coating, among others.”

The exterior finishing system has been created by Berger Paints using its innovation, state-of-the-art technology and thorough market research, he adds.

Key products in the range include Weathercoat Ultra, a luxury smooth finish that has been exclusively formulated by Berger for the Middle Eastern climate; Weathercoat Stoneshield, a textured marblesque exterior finish with superior aesthetics and an ultra-luxurious feel; Weathercoat Vintage, a high quality exterior finish that helps recreate the architectural grandeur of the bygone era, with the dual benefit of protection and aesthetic appeal; Weathercoat Selections, a comprehensive collection of coating systems that are highly durable, low maintenance and leave exteriors with a luxurious, brilliant finish; and Weathercoat Flextex, described as a first-class elastomeric anti-carbonation coating.

Like all decorative products manufactured and supplied by Berger Paints Bahrain, the Weathercoat range is environment friendly.

“All our decorative products are free from lead and other hard metals. Additionally, all the decorative products come with the manufacturer’s lead-free guarantee, as indicated on all paint cans,” says Mehra.

Mehra ... lead-free paints.

Mehra ... lead-free paints.

He continues: “We at Berger Paints dexterously work and have replaced harmful raw materials with suitable safe ones. The raw materials consumed by Berger Paints are approved by the Ministry of Environment. As per our environment and health policies, we dispose of all factory waste as per local rules and regulations.”

Berger Paints’s origins can be traced back to 1760, when a young German chemist, Lewis Berger, perfected a new process for making the colour Prussian Blue. Today, Berger International is part of the Asian Paints Group, which ranks among the top four decorative coatings companies in the world.

“Berger Paints have always been at the forefront of technology, introducing many world-class products across the finish market,” says Mehra. The group, with a presence in 20 countries, is spread across the Caribbean, the Middle East, South Asia, South East Asia, Africa and South Pacific regions. It has 30 paint manufacturing facilities worldwide which service customers in more than 50 countries.

In the GCC, Berger’s production facilities are located in the UAE (Dubai), Bahrain and Oman. In response to the demand for its products, the Bahrain facility is currently producing to its capacity of approximately seven million litres, according to Mehra.

Berger Paints Bahrain offers a wide range of decorative, industrial and floor coatings. “Be it a simple single-tone coat or a plethora of designs, Berger Paints majorly concentrates on decorative finishes, which consist of water-based emulsion for interior and exterior surfaces and specialty finishes for interior walls,” he says.

Commenting on business this year as compared to the last, Mehra says while it has been a struggle however, “when compared to other coating companies we still hold a larger share in the market”.

To expand its reach in the market, Berger has enhanced its marketing strategy and network. “We have increased our dealers, gone digital and online in terms of marketing. We have even launched a smartphone app called ‘Colour scheme Pro’ which has many user-friendly features and is very helpful for customers. We also take part in exhibitions and regularly issue press releases to the media,” he comments.

In the Bahrain market, more than 80 per cent of the Ministry of Housing’s projects use Berger Paints coating. It also supplies some 40 per cent of tanks coatings used in the local market.

Meanwhile, having already established its presence in the UAE with a production facility in Dubai, the company is looking at further penetrating the market.

“Berger plans to spread its wings across all GCC countries and become the Number One coating company,” Mehra concludes.