Raghavan with the new reflector.

3M Gulf says it has had a good market response to its new clip-on reflector, which was launched in the Gulf and Egypt last year.

The new lighting fixture is equipped with an advanced reflective film to provide 50 per cent more light, according to the firm's Dubai-based regional office.

'The 3M clip-on reflector is powered with 3M's unique light technology that ensures 95 per cent light reflection in comparison to the average 60 per cent provided by other reflectors,' says Manohar Raghavan, senior product specialist, specified construction products division (SCPD), 3M Gulf.

'Our new reflector is easy to install and provides uniform light distribution,' says Mohamed Saideddine, sales and marketing manager, consumer & office markets, 3M Gulf. 'Unlike other reflectors, the light can be easily directed to the area of focus.'

The reflector is available in three sizes of 2, 4 and 5 ft and fits both T-8 and T-12 fluorescent lamps. It targets offices and residences, manufacturing plants, retail shops and educational and healthcare institutions that require fluorescent lamps,

'Our objective is to provide our customers with a valueadded product that enables them to save on both time and energy,' adds Safieddine.

3M has been operating in the Middle East for more than 20 years.

The company markets and sells its vast portfolio of products through its regional head office in Dubai, with additional branch offices in Abu Dhabi, Jebel Ali Free Zone, in the UAE, Riyadh in Saudi Arabia and Beirut, Lebanon. It also has distributors appointed throughout in the region.

''With a sharp focus on innovative technologies and a strong customeroriented marketing approach, 3M Gulf has emerged as the leader in its primary markets, including oil and gas, consumer and office, electrotelecom, industrial, transportation and safety, commercial graphics, and health. 3M's strong commitment to the Middle East is supported by a large inventory facility in the Jebel Ali Free Zone,'' Safieddine concludes.