UK based Delmatic Limited has launched what it describes as a radical new concept for computer-controlled lighting systems.

Delmatic says its new 'Set To Go' approach revolutionises the way in which lighting management systems are installed, configured and tested.

''Large-scale lighting management systems - often involving thousands of luminaires, sensors, switches and control cables - are major projects which have traditionally involved extensive installation, testing and onsite programming work,'' says a spokesman for the company. ''These activities often conflict with lastminute site works by a spectrum of contractor all seeking to complete their own aspects of the project within evershortened deadlines.

''Delmatic's 'Set to Go' approach will enable even the most complex system to be preconfigured, with equipment fully programmed offsite and delivered to the site in a 'ready to power up' and 'set to go' form.''

He continues: ''The 'Set To Go' package ensures that the system equipment is delivered to site preloaded with distributed

intelligence software and preconfigured exactly to the overall project installation.

''All an electrical contractor needs to do when installing a 'Set to Go' lighting management system is mount the lighting control module, plug in power and data, plug in the luminaires, and plug in local switching devices. Immediately the module is poweredup, it will become fullyoperable, even for the most complex zone configurations, responding to central commands, and with the switches operating relevant lighting fittings fed from control modules throughout the system.

''Set To Go' means that contractors can now check their installation, the connection of luminaires and the operation of dimmable ballasts, as well as being able to fully control installed lighting from the very earliest days of installation. This saves considerable on-site setup time and avoids excessive lighting remaining on during construction phases.

''In concept, 'Set to Go' resembles the way in which consumer products are increasingly preconfigured as a package before delivery, and recognises the increasing need to reduce time onsite and shorten contract periods.

''Each lighting control module is assigned a unique projectID, which relates to references on the consultant's or contractor's project drawings.

''The local control inputs - designed to accept wall switches, presence detectors, daylight sensors and infrared receivers - are preconfigured to operate the relevant lights fed from that module or other modules on the same floor.

''Delmatic has registered a 'Set to Go' logo, which will appear on all system components and technical literature, which will certify that all system components are fully compliant and compatible with the new approach.

'Set to Go' is the latest innovation from a company which has consistently pioneered concepts and developments in the lighting management field for over 40 years. The 'Set to Go' approach follows hard on the heels of Delmatic's recently launched quick-fix lighting control modules which are designed for rapid single-fix installation. So now a fully-operational and programmed module is available as a single-fix item, says the spokesman.

Delmatic's use of the internationally-recognised Echelon LonWorks open-protocol means that other building services which respond to transmitted LonWorks signals can also be activated as soon as the lighting control modules are powered-up.

The 10-output lighting control module features an innovative mounting arrangement, and 10 addressable switching and dimming outputs within a compact package, explains the spokesman.

''The new module is designed to minimise installation work by using a 'firstfix' docking plate to which the module then connects using Delmatic's 'clipandlock' screwless fixing. Mains and data connections are then made via plug and socket, with options for the connection of flexible conduit and modular wiring harnesses.

''Considerably smaller than many other eightoutput modules currently available, this 10output module not only provides 10 individually-addressed switching and dimming outputs and emergency test outputs, but also incorporates a unique multi-function section.

''This provides optional control outputs for integrated control of window blinds and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) equipment.

''To match the increase in addressable power of outputs, the module also incorporates classleading addressable input options. These enable four wall switches, presence detectors, infrared receivers or multisensors to be connected as well as four photocells for daylightlinking or emergency lighting monitoring functions.

''Whilst setting new standards for lighting management system hardware, the module is LonMarked, forming an integrated part of the ZMC Series E system.

''The 10output module reduces system costs by allowing up to eight luminaires to be plugged into a single module, with two sockets available for client connection of additional fittings. The module is also ideally suited to use with the threebythree lighting grid utilised with compact luminaires,'' he says.