The Link connector and the ceiling rose

A new luminaire recently launched on the Gulf market is claimed to ease and speed up the installation of lighting in commercial premises, and its subsequent repositioning when required.

MK Electric has introduced the Link connection and distribution system, where luminaires are simply plugged into distribution boxes mounted in the ceiling void, thus eliminating the need for hard wiring to a lighting circuit.

''The benefits of the system become apparent when lighting repairs or relocation are required,'' says a spokesman for the UK-headquartered company's marketing office in Dubai. ''Repair work, luminaire repositioning and lighting reconfiguration can all be made without circuit disconnection. Individual luminaires are simply disconnected by removal of their plugs at the distribution box socket.''

Similarly, new luminaires can be plugged in safely without circuit isolation. All the system's live contacts are inaccessible and the earthing connection is made before any other. The system has a full range of three and four pin plugs, sockets and ceiling roses, plus mounting boxes and six, eight and 10gang distribution boxes. Prewired plugs and ceiling roses are offered with PVC and LSF flex in 2 m and 3 m lengths.

An occupancy detector is also included in the range of accessories, which can be wired either to a distribution box to provide multiluminaire lighting control, or directly to a single luminaire to provide on/off lighting control.

The versatility of the MK's Link system enables it to support special circuit wiring applications such as for emergency lighting, he says. For this application, four-pin plugs - colour-coded in red for easy identification - are available.

Although the Link system is primarily aimed at the commercial lighting market, the company believes that the residential market should not be discounted, especially if specifiers are made fully aware of the benefits of the system.

MK Electric believes that although it has followed other manufacturers into this product area, as a result, it has been able to improve on previous designs and is confident that its system will become recognised as the standard.

Link is available at all MK distributor outlets. Besides the Dubai office, MK Electric also has a group marketing office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

MK Electric is part of Novar plc (previously known as Caradon) which also enfolds Gent, Trend, Brand-Rex, Ackermann and Friedland.