The new Super Scraper ... sharp edge.

Bobcat has expanded its range of skid-steer loader attachments with the launch of the new Super Scraper, a time-saving tool for soft demolition and interior refurbishment applications.

''Historically, removing tile flooring and carpets has been a labour-intensive task, often leaving an uneven surface behind. The new Super Scraper attachment on a Bobcat skid-steer loader can do the job in a fraction of the time, whilst leaving a much smoother floor surface,'' a company spokesman explains.

''The Super Scraper will also cut tiles cleanly, providing the option of recycling the tiles at a later date,'' he says.

Elaborating on its features, the spokesman continues: ''The scraper comprises a disk, placed out in front of the loader, offering the operator an excellent view of the work in progress. The rotary disk gives a cleaned surface as well as removing all flooring tiles or old carpet in its path. With its self-sharpening cutting edge, the Super Scraper will always have a sharp edge to get under carpet and floor tile and peel it away with ease.

''The Super Scraper has an operating weight of 78 kg and its dimensions are 483 x 1,143 x 1,397 mm. It is approved for use on the 553, 751, 753, 763, 773, 863 and 873 Bobcat loaders and opens up a whole new market for these highly popular machines.

''The Super Scraper also excels as an outdoor tool to remove stubborn packed-on materials such as mud.''

With the launch of several new products such as the Super Scraper, the number of attachments for Bobcat compact plant has now been increased to well over 40. In Bobcat skid-steer loaders, the attachments available depend on the size and the hydraulic power of the loader, forming multi-purpose machines, designed to save time, effort and cost in carrying out a wide range of applications.

''Most attachments are powered by the standard hydraulics on the loaders, but some attachments such as the planers, wheel saws and one of the Bobcat woodchippers require higher flow capability,'' the spokesman says.

''In addition, the larger skid-steer loaders now offer dual-function hydraulics, allowing the operator to control the type of hydraulic flow. At the push of a button on the instrument panel, the loader offers a choice between both maximum and variable flow hydraulics, to allow for feathering to meet the needs of every attachment user.

''All attachments are fixed to the loader via the Bob-Tach system, which ensures that the attachment can be fitted securely and safely to the machine in seconds.

Bobcat has a standard range of 11 skid-steer loaders, offering rated operating capacities from 317 to 1,600 kg, from the smallest in the range, the 453 model, to the largest, the new 963 loader.

The loaders work efficiently in situations and areas where other types of loader cannot, according to the spokesman.