The wall coatings brochure.

Liquid Plastics Limited (LPL) of the UK has released two new glossy brochures on the market focusing on its range of hygienic coatings and wall coatings.

One of the brochures, titled 'Surface Protection in Hygiene Sensitive Areas', features information on the company's range of seamless, anti-microbial flooring systems and hygienic coatings for internal walls and ceilings in sterile areas.

The company's hygienic range of products is designed for application in environments such as food and drink manufacturing plants, catering and pharmaceutical facilities and hospitals.

"These products provide over 10 years of maintenance-free protection against the growth of mould, bacteria, yeasts and hospital-acquired infections," says Lisa Holmes of LPL. "The company's floor and wall finishes are also extremely cost-effective, they keep shut-down costs to an absolute minimum, they are easy to clean and offer excellent resistance to impact, abrasion and chemical attack. Available in a range of attractive colours and finishes, each system can be tailored to suit individual functional and aesthetic needs."

The brochure details users of LPL hygiene systems, such as Coca-Cola, HJ Heinz, BUPA Hospitals and Marks & Spencer.

The other brochure, titled 'Decorative Weatherproof Coatings for Walls', features LPL's extensive range of wall coatings.

"Based on highly-advanced technology and extensive product research, LPL's wall coatings are simply unequalled by conventional paints and other coatings, due to their exceptional long life spans and proven 35-year track record of providing decorative, weatherproof protection in polar, desert, urban and polluted industrial environments in over 100 countries worldwide," says Holmes.

LPL wall coatings includes Decadex - a water-based copolymer matt finish which is self-cleaning and highly elastomeric - and Monalastex Smooth - a waterborne acrylic matt finish which is certified by the British Board of Agrement (BBA) to last at least 15 years before first maintenance," she says. "All coatings are available in an extensive range of colours and special colours can also be produced to meet specific design requirements or to match the appearance of an existing substrate."

The brochure details users of the coatings, such as Planet Hollywood, the Kennedy Space Centre in the US, British Telecom and Porsche.

Both brochures have detachable cards to request for more information on products or to contact LPL regarding international projects.