The 139 buildings in Jebel Ali.

Jotun has extended its line of specialised floor coatings with the launch of a new product specially designed for car-parks and traffic decks.

"Jotun has successfully launched its Jotafloor range of specialised floor coatings and systems over the last 12 months," says Niru Naik, the brand manager at Jotun UAE's Dubai office. "And the latest addition to this range is Jotafloor Traffic Deck - a versatile system designed specifically to protect concrete floors in car-park and traffic decks."

He continues: "A combination of products can be used to produce a floor tailor made for each individual location. The full system represents the latest reinforced glass flake epoxy and polyurethane technology and does away with the use of aggregate and sand as a wearing coat in a car-park floor system.

"Concrete floors that are subject to continual stress from vehicular traffic will benefit from the ultimate protection of a glass flake epoxy system. When applied, the glass flakes link together within the epoxy resin to form a high-density insoluble material, which is virtually impermeable to moisture and highly resistant to impact and abrasion.

"The high-solids, flexible polyurethane topcoat ensures excellent resistance to potential contaminants such as oil, petrol and grease and is available in a wide range of colours ensuring the final floor finish blends in with the surrounding decor."

Jotashield, a 100 per cent pure acrylic and environment-friendly range of exterior coatings launched by Jotun recently, has met with enormous success on the market, according to Naik.

"Major projects secured included the use of Jotashield Tex Medium for 139 buildings in Jebel Ali over an external painted area exceeding 500,000 sq m, and painting 100 villas in Jumeirah with Jotashield Tex Ultra - a paint system with crack-bridging ability of 1.4 mm - over an area exceeding 100,000 sq m," says Naik. "Also, Jotashield Topcoat has been extensively used on numerous maintenance projects for the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) as well as Dubai Municipality," he says.

Jotashield Tex Ultra has been independently tested and is offered as a concrete protection system for bridges. "It has been approved and extensively used by Abu Dhabi Municipality and it has also made a successful debut on a Dubai Municipality project," he says.

Jotun UAE has also opened two new state-of-the-art Multicolor centres in Dubai - one at Bur Dubai with Mohd Ali Eid and the other on Shaikh Zayed Road at ACE hardware.

"Multicolor centers make selecting a particular colour from an array of amazing shades easier than ever," says Naik. "The showrooms are built to create a perfect ambience for the client to let his/her imagination go free in selecting from a diverse range of shades - from pastel to bold and trendy. This facility allows the client to apply the shade on to one of the many pre-scanned room layouts in the 'colour advisor' and arrive at a right match to blend with the colours of other elements in the room."

He continues. "Vibrant colours, with skilful application, can create a spectrum of finishes such as the flame effect, ragging, sponging, combing and many more. Samples of these effects, done in different colour combinations, are displayed in the showrooms to give the client the opportunity to get a close view of these effects. In addition, Jotun is planning to offer live demonstrations of the application of different techniques within these showrooms."

Meanwhile, Jotun Bahrain has been busy with some major projects recently. These include Citibank's new headquarters at Seef, an 11-storey tower for Ghaleeb Al Mahmood at Hoora, the Shaikh Hamad Mosque at Muharraq and the renovation of Sheraton Bahrain hotel.

Premium products such as Jotashield Tex Ultra, Stucco Antica, Barrier 86 and Hardtop were used on these projects.