Pharos ... part of the Sigmulto range.

Sigma Paints, a leading regional manufacturer of quality paints, has launched a new product called Sigmulto Color-Tex on the Middle East market.

Sigmulto Color-Tex is a multi-coloured textured quartz finish specially designed to create a highly decorative effect on all interiors.

The paint was unveiled at last month's Saudibuild 2001 exhibition in Riyadh and it received a warm welcome by many visitors because of its truly unique appearance, says Sigma Paints marketing manager Fred Aalbers.

"Sigmulto Color-Tex is a high-end-of-the-market product. With this product it is possible to create a distinctive decorative finish, and as with all Sigma products it has been developed specifically for the Middle East environment," says Aalbers.

He continues: "The product is available in 15 colours, all carefully selected after extensive market research and testing. Many potential clients indicated a strong preference for earthy colours for this type of product, which is reflected in the final choice of colours. Sigmulto Color-Tex has good colour retention properties, good abrasion resistance and is almost odourless.

"The actual application of Sigmulto Color-Tex is fairly easy as the product is applied with a standard hopper spray gun. Several tests in the market have indicated that applicators were very enthusiastic on the aspects of ease and speed of application."

Sigma has developed a special primer, Sigmulto Color-Tex Primer, to complement the paint system. The use of this primer will ensure a high quality level of the whole Sigmulto Color-Tex paint system in terms of appearance and durability, according to Aalbers.

The Sigmulto range of specialty decorative finishes consists of five products:

  • Sigmulto Original: spray applied multi-colour finish in 30 patterns;

  • Sigmulto Expression: a multi-effect finish with unlimited options of colours and effects;

  • Sigmulto Pharos: which creates the look of a natural marble finish;

  • Sigmulto Kiros: a multi-effect textured finish; and

  • Sigmulto Color-Tex: spray-applied multi-colour textured finish in 15 patterns.

    "The Sigmulto range of products clearly fits the Arabic market trend of individualisation," says Aalbers. "People have an increased desire for expressing their own identity in many aspects of their life and this also includes decoration. The decoration could be related to both private as well as business interiors. The Sigmulto range of products enables anyone to create distinctive, unique finishes in any interior. The products have proven to be very successful in many applications such as private villas, apartments, offices, hospitals and schools."

    "The market has not yet seen the end of our continuous investments in product innovations. More products are being tested from both a technical as well as from a commercial perspective. It is therefore very likely that Sigma will introduce more products to the upmarket Sigmulto range of specialty decorative finishes," Aalbers adds.