The new line ... meets requirements of quality control programmes.

Thermimport Quality Control (TQC) of The Netherlands has launched a new line of instruments designed to test the physical properties of coatings and coated products.

"Using the new line, properties such as elasticity, elongation, hardness, adhesion and impact-resistance can be checked according international standards such as ISO, ASTM and DIN," says George Moonen of TQC.

He continues: "Although these standards are not new, the instruments distinguish themselves from others through their ergonomic design as well as their new techniques.

"The CP 2000 cupping test, for example, uses a integrated gear box allowing the operator to perform tests without any physical effort, which leads also to a better reproducibility and more reliable results.''

The line includes user-friendly impact-testers, a cylindrical mandrel test and a Buchholz test. All instruments are of exceptional elegant design to fit into a modern laboratory, he adds.

"The instruments also meet the requirements of quality control programmes such as GSB or Qualiycoat," he says. "This makes them ideal not only for the powder coatings market but also for paint-manufacturing laboratories."