Bobcat has launched the new B850 and B950 breaker attachments, which it says are the hardest-hitting hammers in their impact energy classes, 400 J and 650 J, respectively.

The breakers, it adds, combine advanced hydraulic hammer technology with a robust design for longer life, high reliability and low maintenance.

"The breakers have a similar design to the B700 silenced model added to the Bobcat breaker range last year," says a company spokesman. "They feature a unique piston shape consisting of three different diameters, with the diameter of the piston becoming progressively larger from the bottom to the top. This piston shape produces a trapezoidal shock wave which develops more energy at the end of the piston stroke, resulting in a concentrated impact force for enhanced performance in demolition work."

The B850 breaker delivers 920 bpm (blows per minute) at 57 l/min, and has an operating weight of 280 kg and a maximum operating pressure of 120 bar. It is approved for use on Bobcat 753 to 873 skid-steer loaders and 325 to 334 mini-excavators.

The B950 breaker provides 1,280 bpm at 76 l/min. Designed for use on Bobcat 763 to 873 skid-steer loaders and the T200 compact tracked loader, as well as the 331 to 341 mini-excavators, the breaker has an operating weight of 285 kg and a maximum operating pressure of 200 bar.

The standard tool on the new breakers features one nail point in a four-sided pyramid shape. This nail point is designed to concentrate its energy on four stress points and differs from a moil point (conical shape), which distributes stress evenly around a 360-degree radial cone.

The breakers produce a low recoil as well as a minimal pressure spike on the tool carrier. They do not have accumulators, but use a diaphragm-style system that ensures that no slow leaks occur and maintains a constant pressure of nitrogen charge. The breakers are equipped with the Bobcat X-Change mounting frame system integrated into the cradle frame.

Bobcat has also launched a new cutter crusher attachment for use on its skid-steer loaders and mini-excavators.

"Mounted on these compact machines, the new hydraulically-powered Cutter Crusher is the ideal attachment for restricted access demolition jobs that require minimal noise and vibration and provides operators with a more efficient and controlled way to crush concrete and cut steel rebar," says a company spokesman.

"As well as general building demolition, the Cutter Crusher is perfect for more specialised recycling and demolition applications such as concrete pipes and concrete bridges. The attachment has a particularly robust construction that increases the attachment's lifetime and so reduces downtime and service costs."

Available in two sizes, the Cutter Crusher offers 360-degree free rotation during the crushing cycle, which is essential in demolition applications and the attachment provides very high crushing power as well as a precise cut for use on a wide range of materials including rebar, wire mesh, angle iron and I-beams.

The CC30, the smaller of the two models, has a 10 cm cutting blade with a jaw opening of 30 cm that can cut concrete up to 10 cm thick. The larger CC40 model has a 20 cm blade and with a jaw opening of 30 cm, the attachment will cut or crush material with a thickness up to 15 cm.

The 360-degree free rotation on both models allows the jaws and cutter to be easily placed in line with the material being worked on.

Free rotation during the crushing cycle allows the attachment to be positioned at the correct angle to the material, greatly reducing bending stress on the crusher and the Bobcat skid-steer loader or mini-excavator.

Featuring a secure cutting design, the attachment has a robust stopper nipple located at the front of the attachment's jaw, which increases productivity by preventing loose iron from slipping out of the cutting blades. Both cutting blades are reversible for a longer cutting life and shims are provided to maintain the correct clearance between the blades when they become worn. To ensure a clean cut, the blades are designed to pass each other with a cutting motion similar to common garden shears.

''The CC30 is approved for use on the 553 to 873 model skid-steer loaders and 331 to 341 mini excavators and exerts a maximum cutting force of 460 kN and a crushing force of 180 kN,'' he says.

The more powerful CC40 is approved for the 753 to 873 loaders and 331 to 341 mini excavators and produces figures of 750 kN and 240 kN, respectively.

Both models come with the Bobcat X-Change mount for mini-excavators as standard and a mounting frame and hose kit is necessary to connect the attachment to a Bobcat skid-steer loader.