Yamama roofing tiles ... on par with the best.

Saudi Arabia-based Yamama Factories for Red Bricks and Clay Products aims to expand its export market in the region.

It is targeting not only the neighbouring Gulf countries as markets for its high quality products, but also the wider Arab region as part of the expansion drive.

The company says its products are on par with comparable European products in their high quality which is achieved through the use of state-of-the-art machinery and know-how from Germany.

A leader in its line, the company currently manufactures roofing tiles of different types such as French (Marsielli), Roman (Portuguese) and Ridge tiles. The tiles are available in a variety of colours in addition to the natural red colour.

Yamama Factories also manufactures bricks used for walls, partitions, ceilings, elevations, pavements and open areas.

The company is claimed to be the first of its kind to be established in the Central Province of Saudi Arabia and the second throughout the Kingdom.

The company which began production in 1979 has acquired a vast experience in the manufacture of red clay bricks.

"The products have met the satisfaction of customers in Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf countries because of the great attention given to ensure their quality and that they meet customers' projects requirements with regard to quantities, size and shapes," says a spokesman.

The company has a production capacity of 1,000 tonnes per day, offering more than 100 different types of bricks and tiles..

The facilities available at Yamama Factories make it one of the leading companies in the brick industry. The factories have the capability to manufacture products to any required technical specifications regarding size or shape, according to the company.

The company says its products are manufactured in accordance with Saudi Standards as well as international such as German, British, American and others, as required by its customers projects.

Yamama Factories has supplied red bricks to many major projects such as Imam Mohammed ibn Saudi University, Ministry of Interior housing project, real estate projects, Al Nasser Housing compounds in Riyadh, among others.