Omega Factory for Luminaires, Poles and Galvanizing, which specialises in the manufacture of hot-dip galvanised steel poles and outdoor lighting fixtures, is on the expansion path buoyed by a number of orders both in the domestic as well as the wider Arab market.

New production lines are being set up and an overall expansion in poles and lighting fixtures manufacturing units is taking place. Complementing with these expansions, the company has also newly installed an integrated computerised network system.

Established in 1981 as a division of S&A Abahsain Company, this pioneering firm has a factory in Riyadh's New Industrial Area, Phase II, covering an area of 40,000 sq m.

The company produces various types of hot-dip galvanised steel poles such as octagonal, round conical, tubular and stepped columns for use in distribution lines, streetlighting, flag hoisting and parking arenas. Polygonal highmasts, up to 40 m high with raising and lowering devices, are also manufactured for highways, stadia and parking areas.

Almost all types of outdoor lighting fixtures are covered in its manufacturing range including floodlighting, streetlighting, decorative and tunnel lighting. The firm offers more than 40 different models of luminaires, incorporating high-pressure sodium, high-pressure mercury and metal halide lamps.

Omega Factory also undertakes hot-dip galvanising works for various steel structures. Its galvanising plants have an annual capacity in excess of 25,000 tonnes with the bath tank being 12.8 m long.

In a bid to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and to maintain high standards of quality, Omega Factory has successfully upgraded its ISO-9001, 1994 certification to ISO-9000 2000 version.

"Utmost care is taken to ensure that no product that falls below a set standard leaves the production facilities," says Pervez Aziz Khan, procurement manager.

''Omega Factory is an approved manufacturer enlisted with Saudi Aramco, Saudi Electricity Company (SEC - Central, Eastern, Western, Southern regions), Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu, various municipalities and many other governmental authorities in the Gulf region," he adds.

This year, Omega Factory is supplying more than 21,000 poles for 11/13.8/33 kV distribution networks to SEC-Central Region. Last year, 15,000 LV poles were supplied for SEC-Western Region.

Omega Factory was recently awarded a contract for luminaries by Kuwait's Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW), where we are supplying over 6,000 units of a newly-developed luminaire SGP-521 for streetlighting applications, according to Khan.

This luminaire has been developed specifically to withstand harsh weather conditions and all aspects were carefully studied in order to enhance its performance. ''For example, special glass covers, reflectors, gaskets and control gears are tailor-made for this luminaire,'' he says.

More than 20 per cent of its output is exported to GCC and other neighbouring countries such as Yemen, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Iraq.

''Omega Factory is committed towards progress of the region," he adds.


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