Lighting control for four typical situations in a multi-functional conference room.

The days are numbered for conventional control gear (CCG), given the rapid pace of developments in electronic control gear (ECG), according to Hermann Billmayer, managing director of the UAE-based Osram Middle East FZE.

Osram Middle East FZE, a 100 per cent subsidiary of the German lamp maker Osram GmbH, was established in Dubai in 1998 to enhance support to its customers in the region for sales, marketing, technical consulting and logistics.

''Developments in ECG are taking place at a tremendous pace. ECGs help achieve energy savings of 25 to 30 per cent, apart from offering flicker-free operation and instant start. Also, ECGs are low on costs for operation and maintenance.

''With more and more emphasis placed on the environment, energy-saving and lighting comfort, and with the advent of T5 lamps and more versatile and smaller luminaires, the days of conventional control gear are limited. In around five years time, the era of standard CCGs - which currently make up 65 per cent of the market - will come to an end.''

Osram's ECG developers get firsthand information from lamp specialists, enabling the firm to make one of the best and most reliable ECGs, he says.

The company has a well-established network of distributors and dealers which carry adequate stocks from a range of over 5,000 Osram products. In addition, Osram has its central warehouse for the region in Jebel Ali Free Zone.

"The company has a strong commitment to research and development," says Billmayer. "More than 30 per cent of our sales is generated from these products - which are less than five years old - which is outstanding in the field of lights.

Osram offers lighting systems which help create the right atmosphere for a particular setting.

''Digital Addressable Lighting (Dali) systems from Osram offer great flexibility and complete control over complex lighting scenarios. With these systems, creating settings has never been so easy. Osram's Dali system offers the advantage of less wiring and is extremely user-friendly.

Beside smaller installations, the Osram Dali system is also suitable for large offices and conference rooms, he says.

Billmayer explains: ''Osram Dali Advance makes it possible to address up to 64 luminaires individually, with the flexibility to have as many as 16 such groups. Any luminaires can belong to any group, making the system so versatile. One controller, for example, can control the dimming and lighting for one or more rooms with various lighting requirements.

"Osram Dali Advance significantly expands the possibilities of digital lighting control. The system offers a high degree of flexibility and user convenience, by providing remote control and detectors.

''The control system also makes a considerable contribution to the economical operation of lighting."

Osram is also believed to be among the five largest LED (light emitting diodes) makers in the world with 25 years of experience in the field.

Osram offers LEDs in red, blue, green, yellow and white colours and various modules - for example Top LED, Side and Tape LED. Osram LEDs are used worldwide for traffic signal lighting and many other applications such as signage lighting, architectural accent lighting for buildings, effect lighting, marker lighting for cinemas, route and edge marking.