Mist-free ... spectacular mirrors at the Burj Al Arab.

Heated mirror pads are keeping things from getting too steamed up - literally - in the bathrooms at one of the world's top hotels in the UAE.

The demista pads, manufactured in the UK, have been installed in bathroom mirrors of the Burj Al Arab to they do not get steamed up and provide guest with clear steam-free vision.

"Arguably the world's most luxurious hotel, the seven-star, 202 all-suite Burj Al Arab in Dubai, boasts bathrooms 'to die for'," says a spokesman for R&D Marketing (demista) of the UK. "In company with the gold leaf and exquisite marble floors, walls and fittings, demista heated mirror pads were incorporated into the Diamond Mirrors manufactured by Chelsea Artisans."

He continues: "Demista heated mirror pads ensure steam-free mirror in and around the area of the pads. Simply fitted by their self-adhesive backing behind virtually any mirror, demista can be separately switched or wired in to the bathroom lighting.

The ultra-slim pads fit inconspicuously behind most mirrors - existing or newly installed. Once fitted, the mirrors will never steam up in and around the area of the pad. Demista is manufactured specifically for mirrors and has been developed from a unique heating system which has been proven for over 20 years. It represents up-to-date standards of technology giving a high degree of temperature stability with complete resistance to moisture, vibration, shock, dust and aging.

"The pads are safe, with no overheating or damage even if left on accidentally, and running costs are almost insignificant, and it also helps save on time and cleaning materials. The pads are also maintenance and trouble-free with no costly wire elements to break and no hot spots.

"As demonstrated in the Burj Al Arab, demista pads can be used whatever the size of mirror by fitting any of the wide range of sizes or multiples of pads - or by using pads custom-made to special sizes. An average of 26 spectacular mirrors by Chelsea Artisans were fitted in each suite, many of them in the exotic bathrooms."