Colortec ... tinting at the touch of a button.

Saudi Arabia's Sipco says its new slogan - more colours, more choice - signals that it is fast becoming a leader in colour technology and special-effect decorative finishes, in the Middle East.

"Gone are the days when colour choice was limited to white plus a few so-called 'popular' shades, and monotone finishes," comments commercial manager Peter Wilson. "Today, Sipco is able to offer over 100,000 combinations of colour, product and special effects, which are instantly available, at the touch of a button, through the Sipco Colortec tinting system. Colortec provides colours from all sides of the colour spectrum for conventional finishes including alkyds, emulsions and textures, and is also able to provide colour tinting for Sipco's unique range of special-effect finishes from the Colorways Collection."

The Colorways Collection features eight professional finishes, using European patented technology, only available to Sipco in the Middle East, according to Wilson.

"The eight collections are applied by a variety of application tools, including roller, spatula and spray equipment," he explains. "All products are water-based and environmentally friendly, giving off no unpleasant smells, simple to use, enabling fast and easy application. The finishes can be mixed to achieve any customised shade and tone, giving free rein to the creative imagination, and full confidence in a perfect match."

The eight collections from Colorways are Goatskin, Venicelook, Halley, Polaris, Textura, Liquidisky, Fireworks and Marblesque.

Detailing their features, Wilson says: "Goatskin's appearance conjures up images of old parchments or watered silk and of times gone by. The mottled effect suggests traditional craftsmanship, which is easy on the eye and resistant to wear. Goatskin is applied by a patented roller, allowing for quick and easy application with perfect results every time.

"Venicelook has recollections of Venetian stuccowork, offering Italianesque patterns, through a versatile medium, to recall a time-honoured decorators craft. A classic, yet inviting look for all to enjoy, it is easily applied by hand using a conventional spatula, according to the client's style. Venicelook is rich tradition, rediscovered with minimal trouble and effect.

"Halley is inspired by the shining tail of a comet and the magic of distant starlight and comes in a variety of compact metallic tints and hues. Resplendent and inspirational, Halley reveals sophisticated textures and futuristic glamour. It is easily applied by roller, for a silky and uniform finish.

"Polaris regales the splendour of distant stars - of cosmic clouds of gold and silver in a triumphant shower of colour. It is a water-borne finish with a dominant lustre of gold or pearl, spectacular and striking as an accent finish in contemporary large areas, and easy to apply by any standard spray equipment.

"Textura is like fine grains of sand on a river shoreline, shaped by time. Tough and durable, like the hardest stone, yet smooth to the touch, Textura affords the ideal finish for large spaces, frequented daily by countless numbers of people. It is timeless in appearance, whilst fast and easy to apply with standard spray equipment.

"Liquidisky with soft subtle, tone-on-tone colours, lives up to dreams of colourwashed skies, and all the delicate nuances of the rainbow. Soft and versatile, it easily covers large and heavily tracked areas with refreshing beauty, quickly and simply with standard spray equipment.

"Fireworks shows a geological kaleidoscope of colour, with its granite-like effect. A tough and extremely durable finish that is wear-resistant and long-lasting, particularly in areas of high traffic, it camouflages irregular surfaces to give a smooth touch, yet an appearance with a depth and feel of texture.

"Marblesque, depending upon the application technique, will appear in two distinct styles. The first style is stucco, which is today's expression of research based on culture, experience and tradition. Stucco reproduces the classical, chromatic and aesthetic emotions which have been handed down by the Renaissance master decorators of Venice. The timeless elegance of the effect reflects a long and traditional cultural heritage, allowing for creative skills to give images of a natural beauty.

"The second style is to simulate marble with all its natural beauty and intricate patterns. The creative applicator will be able to create many designs, giving an individuality and uniqueness to the decoration.

"Marblesque can be applied to almost any surface, enhancing and enriching to give that expensive look of marble. The variety of colours, matching or contrasting to the overall scheme is far beyond nature's own offer.

"With the Colorways Collection of special effects, you can create an ambience to suit any mood or theme," Wilson says. "Whether it be the traditional styles of years gone by, or the soft pastels of today, to the vibrant, strong fresh colours of the Mediterranean, the Colorways Collections will satisfy every need."

For additional durability and washability Sipco has developed a soft, satin finish, water-borne, high-performance glaze, which will maintain the natural beauty of the finishes for a much longer life and provide greater washability, he says.

Sipco has also launched a new colour card, which is available free and showcases 250 of the most popular and fashionable colours, entitled 'Beautiful Colours for Elegant Homes'.

"There are colours for warmth, colours for freshness, colours in harmony, colours in contrast, colours to capture your every mood ... endless, beautiful ways to bring colour to life," Wilson says. "We at Sipco are able to provide the colours and finishes that will complete your dreams."