Legrand regional technical manager Nicholas Hobeila with Al Hathboor officials

Legrand, one of the world's leading suppliers of electrical equipment and systems, is introducing its unique 'Smart Home' technology to the Middle East for the first time to help make life more comfortable and efficient for people in their homes.

The Smart Home system is being launched on the market by Legrand's agent, Al Hathboor Electricals of the UAE.

"The Smart Home from Legrand has been available in France for the past two years and has proved hugely successful," says a spokesman for Al Hathboor Electricals. "Now, through Legrand's offices in Dubai and the rest of the region, the Middle East will be the first area outside France where these new integrated automated systems will be introduced."

Smart Home allows control of every aspect of the electrical systems inside and outside a home. A simple remote control system can control lighting, air-conditioning, electrical shutters, kitchen appliances, sprinklers in the garden - in fact, any electrical system in the house can be incorporated into it.

"The system can be further enhanced through the installation of Legrand's OMIZZY server that gives individuals the opportunity to control electrical systems remotely through a personal computer and even a WAP-enabled mobile telephone.

Legrand recently held Smart Home 'open days' at the Al Hathboor/Legrand Customer Centre, where visitors were able to see for themselves exactly how the systems work in a series of practical demonstrations of the new leading-edge technology.

Legrand group regional director Mohamed Ahmed-Yahia says: "Smart Home is ideally suited for the Middle East market. It provides people an easy and comfortable way to control their domestic electrical systems, saves electricity through the most efficient use of systems and gives unique remote access to properties and household appliances when required.

"The remote access OMIZZY system can be enhanced with cameras through the house and allows customers to check on appliances visually when away from the home. It will also send automatic emails if there is a problem or breakdown in any of the systems linked to the Smart Home network."

Smart Home can be installed in either existing buildings or as part of the electrical infrastructure of a new villa or apartment. As technology becomes a more important element of everyday life and individual's homes, Legrand is confident that there will be significant demand for its product among property developers and individual home owners throughout the region.

Legrand has designed Smart Home to be both user-friendly and simple to use with the added benefits of energy savings. Even in existing properties, it is not difficult to install and can be put in with the minimum of disruption to an individual's home, according to Legrand.

Ahmed-Yahia adds: "We have every confidence in the Smart Home and are inviting property developers, builders, contractors and home owners to visit us at the Al Hathboor/Legrand customer centre to see for themselves how this leading edge technology works in practice.

"There is also no other fully integrated system and product like this on the market that is also as competitive on price as the Smart Home. We believe that it will truly make a difference to individuals wanting to live in the home of tomorrow."

The state-of-the-art Al Hathboor Legrand Customer Centre - the only one of its kind in the Middle East - serves as a showroom and training facility.

It includes an innovative display area that gives customers and visitors the chance to have an interactive walk-through with Legrand products.

Among the world-class products manufactured by Legrand group are circuit breakers, distribution cabinets and enclosures, wiring accessories, emergency lighting and security systems and cable management products

Al Hathboor Electricals is a key division of Al Hathboor Group, one of the leading business houses in the UAE, holding sole distribution rights for renowned international brands in a number of specialised areas including electrical equipment, cosmetics, car care products, food, stationery and supermarket equipment.