A Multicolor centre ... tried and tested system.

"What is your dream colour?" says Deepak Pai, Jotun's dealer brand manager. "Everybody dreams, often about their dream homes, and we've analysed these dreams," "We know that people want to depart from the routine, from mundane colour choices, to opt for their own identity with shades that will reflect their inner souls."

He continues: "Jotun's Multicolor tinting system offers an answer for every wish. Finally, there's a whole new world to explore, and you don't even have to be a colour expert to create your own colours, or possess a colour card to mark your mood. Fashioning a colour has become as easy as opting for a cuisine at a food court, the ingredients are all there. Just state your preferences and the Multicolor system mixes and matches, and creates the most irresistible concoction."

Jotun Paints proved to be a pioneer in the paint industry with the introduction of the tinting system way back in 1974, at a time when such innovations were completely unheard, according to Pai. "A dramatic breakthrough, the concept stemmed out of an in-depth comprehension of the market needs, and customer demands," he says. "Today, Jotun has sold over 3,000 tinting systems across the globe."

A thoroughly tested and tried system, Jotun Multicolor offers a selection of over 800 colours from its interior colour bar, all from the Natural Colour System (NCS), and more than 16,000 formulations of colours, with just the press of a button.

"Although you'll be spoilt for choice with the extensive colour palette, if something more specific is required, such as the colour of a sofa or curtain, all that is needed is a sample taken to the nearest Jotun Multicolor centre, where the computerised Minolta Colour Reader System will digitally scan the colour, and replicate the same shade as an emulsion, or enamel paint.

Jotun also has technology to further ease the selection process. "A profusion of colour preferences can sometimes be a little bewildering: when you feel you've finally arrived at the right one, you're decision is teased by another tint," comments Pai. "Not to worry. The recently-developed Colour Advisor technology allows the evaluation of colours on a computer, prior to actual painting. All that you need to do is choose a layout from the numerous picture options available in the system, to get a preview of the room in your colour choices.

"Alternatively, if you're a fastidious person, you can bring in photographs of your own home, and view your rooms in various colour combinations using the Colour Advisor technology, at any Jotun Multicolor Centre.

"What's more, your selection is not limited to just your walls. You can explore and experiment with colours, until you discover dream shades for carpets, curtains, and upholstery, to create the perfect setting that you've always dreamt about.

"Once a decision has been taken on the right colour equation, you'll naturally want to be sure that you've made the correct choices, and doubly sure that your decision will complement the other elements in your room. The Jotun Multimatch Computerised System removes all such ambiguities, with its accurate suggestions on harmonious, as well as contrasting colour schemes to suit any mood, any ambience."

"Jotun Multicolor allows you to dare to dream and give your home the new look it deserves," Pai adds.