The Kingdom Centre ... Jotun project

Jotashield Heritage, the latest pioneering innovation from Jotun, a world leading paint manufacturer, is a maintenance-free, modern-day exterior protection with durable old-world charm. This revolutionary product is 100 per cent pure acrylic and provides an elegantly aged appearance with the superior, long-lasting exterior protection of the Jotashield, which was launched two years ago.

It has excellent adhesion and water resistance, providing longer durability and greater resistance against harsh climatic conditions. It is suitable for decoration and protection of old and new plaster and concrete. Some of the features of Jotashield Heritage are:

  • Three unique matt textured finishes: Traditional, Antique and Classic Tex;

  • A range of high-performance colours, carefully selected to blend with the environment of the Middle East. The colours are less sensitive to ultraviolet (UV) light, humidity and alkalinity, while providing optimum stability of the painted surface;

  • Durable, permeable coating, open to water vapour transmission;

  • Protection against salts and carbon dioxide, preventing concrete carbonation;

  • Water based, and thus completely environmentally friendly; and

  • Fully compatible with Jotashield primers.

    Textured finishes

    Each of the three textured finishes offer unique benefits:

  • Jotashield Heritage Traditional Tex provides a medium-textured, naturally-aged look, in a range of matt earth tones;

  • Jotashield Heritage Antique Tex is uniquely flexible, with the ability to cover minor cracks and undulations in concrete and plaster. It offers an elegantly aged appearance in a range of matt organic tones; and,

  • Jotashield Heritage Classic Tex gives ornately textured exteriors. Depending on application technique, this textured finish can produce a variety of intricately detailed matt finishes.

    In addition, Jotashield Heritage Glaze can be applied over both Jotashield Heritage Traditional and Antique Tex in order to achieve a richly variegated matt finish, emphasising the effects of time. Jotashield Heritage Glaze is highly recommended for museums, mosques and other buildings where a gracefully aged look is required.

    Jotun Group

    Jotun is a world leader in paint technology, expertise and quality. In addition to the protection and decoration of homes and offices, Jotun makes specialised products for the industrial and marine sectors for environments ranging from sub-zero Arctic temperatures to burning deserts near the Equator.

    The Jotun Group was founded in 1926 in Norway, and has production units in Europe, Middle East, Far East, Australia, Africa and North America. It established its presence in the Middle East in 1974, with Jotun UAE, and has expanded dramatically throughout the Gulf. The UAE factory is Jotun's largest in the Middle East and it was the first paints manufacturer in the country to be awarded ISO 9001 certification.

    Jotun's diverse product range - including decorative, protective, marine, floor and intumescent coatings - bears testimony to the company's reputation of being a single source solution for clients, consultants and contractors alike.

    The company's unwavering and proven commitment to its Middle East customers has helped to make it a market leader. Three decades of experience in the region has helped Jotun develop products specifically suited to local conditions. A recent example is the tremendously successful launch of Jotashield - a 100 per cent pure acrylic exterior coating, offering superior exterior protection against the harsh Middle East climate.

    Special services

    The protection and decoration of concrete is an area of particular expertise for Jotun. For new constructions, the repair of concrete and its maintenance, Jotun can provide solutions based on proven technology, innovative solutions and vast practical experience. It focuses on offering lasting protection and beauty that is cost-effective. The company's approved applicators can execute various kinds of projects. In addition, it offers a complimentary service, where a team of qualified technical supervisors monitors paint application on projects to ensure good quality of work.

    Jotun has also produced paints to meet the demands of the wind power industry, one the fastest growing alternative energy sources in the world.

    Major projects

    Jotun has several major projects to its credit:

  • In the UAE last year, Jotashield was used to cover more than a 500,000 sq m in a single project in Dubai alone.

  • In Saudi Arabia, Jotun supplied all the paint used in the Kingdom Centre, the prestigious 300-m-tall skyscraper in Riyadh.

  • In Europe, Jotun France, competing with many of the world's largest paint manufacturers, won the latest contract for the repainting of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, one of the most famous monuments of the world.

  • In addition, in Sweden, the major recycling company Atervinning och Miljo AB chose Jotun's advanced and environment friendly WaterFine to paint its containers.

    In the future

    Jotun invests in the future, anticipating changes before they occur. The company continues to set up state-of-the-art factories to guarantee consistently high quality products. It has already introduced products that provide longer-lasting protection, more cost-effectiveness and meet not just existing, but also forecast environmental legislation. These products are the first of a new generation of coatings, paving the way for even more visionary products.