The SG system ... designed for extreme conditions.

British structural glazing specialist Wright Style's new system offers more aesthetic options.

Wright Style, one of the UK's most innovative steel glazing specialists, has introduced a new structural glazing system for use in flush-fitting glass facades.

The Wright Style SG system, based on the firm's successful SR series curtain-walling and roof glazing system, is said to eliminate the need for external pressure plates and capping profiles - giving designers new aesthetic options.

"The SG system is suitable for vertical, sloped or roof glazing applications and, for the first time, allows architects and designers to incorporate much larger or multi-faceted areas of structural glazing into their designs than previously," says company spokeswoman Jane Embury.

Detailing its features, she continues: "The SG system utilises a combination of Wright Style's SR steel and stainless steel grid profiles, with glass panels structurally silicone bonded to either aluminium or stainless steel retaining profiles.

"The profiles are then secured to the grid by concealed stainless steel retaining bolts, giving the appearance of a four-sided structurally glazed glass wall, with no visible method of mechanical retention and producing a sleek unobtrusive facade.

'The SG system is fast and simple to erect, and utilises standard SR grid profiles with internal gaskets. The system is then finished with backing rods and structural silicone between the glass, providing an effective weather barrier that maximises both aesthetics and practicality.

"With a wide range of grid profiles in either 50 or 60-mm-wide sight lines, produced in steel and stainless steel in differing wall thicknesses and profile depths, large spans of glazing can be achieved without the need for additional supportive steelwork.

"All glazing systems are backed up by a comprehensive development and testing programme, with particular emphasis on performance, ease of manufacture and installation. In addition, the SG system complies with the requirements of document L when used with suitable high-performance glasses."

The SR system, from which the SG system was developed, was recently installed in the Mubarak TV centre complex in Cairo, Egypt. and the University of Hong Kong medical centre underlying the system's success across both domestic UK and overseas markets.

"Wright Style is committed to the development of products and systems that push the design envelope - whether it's doors, partitions, curtain-walling or roof glazing systems. Our systems are designed to be technically superior whilst remaining cost-effective across our comprehensive range of interior and external systems," says commercial manager Tim Kempste.

The SR system is also said to have completed UK high-pressure blast-resistant testing, underlining the system's strength as a full-glazed primary protection system against explosive risks - an important design consideration for today's architects.

Wright Style steel glazing systems are available through a global network of licensed fabricators.