Jotun's Multicolor tinting system.

IN the past, the concept of colour was approached and addressed differently by the various disciplines such as physiology, psychology, philosophy and art.

 It is now generally well-accepted that painting a room with the right colour can enhance creativity, imagination, health and temperament.To enable the client explore a whole new world of colours and create the setting of his choice to suit his personality and promote his well-being, Jotun offers the services of its Multicolor tinting system. The leading paint manufacturer pioneered the system back in 1974.
'Imagine wandering through blueberry fields. You can recreate this atmosphere at home with Blueberry Blue, a shade from Jotun Paints,' says Deepak Pai, dealers brand manager of Dubai-based Jotun UAE. 'This saturated chroma with a contemporary twist promotes an effective and immediate feeling of tranquility. Or how about adding the esoteric beauty of a shade named Kiwi Green?  With the renewed focus on spirituality and meditation, this colour is ideal for those seeking profound personal inner strength and soundness. Sumptuous and mystical, green conjures up visions of peaceful havens in communion with nature. It has also been proven that green is beneficial in balancing feelings and emotions.
'Jotun's Multicolor tinting system has made it even easier or more rewarding to cajole your senses to reveal the very core of your personality that needs pampering and rejuvenating from the daily pressures of life.
'You do not even have to be a colour expert to create your own colours, or possess a colour card to match your mood.'
When Jotun Paints pioneered the tinting system in the paint industry in 1974, such innovations were unheard of, he points out. Today, Jotun has sold  more than 3,000 tinting systems across the globe, close to 400 of which are in the Middle East.
A dramatic breakthrough, the concept stemmed out of an in-depth appreciation of the market needs and customer demands.
With Jotun's Multicolor tinting system, one can select from more than 800 shades from the interior colour bar, In addition to this, the database has more than 16,000 different formulations to get the shade of choice in water and oil-based products - and all this with just the press of a button, he points out.
The computerised Minolta colour reader enables one to digitally scan the colour one desires from the sample piece and produce the same in either emulsion or enamel.
With the newly-developed technology in Coloradvisor, one can have a preview of the room painted in the colours chosen from the 800 contemporary shades in the colour bar and also decide on the right combination of colours for the walls, carpets, upholstery and curtains.
'All you need to do is choose a layout from the numerous picture options available in the system, and get a preview of the room in your colour choices. Alternatively, you can bring in photographs of your home, and view your rooms in various colour combinations using the Colour Advisor technology, at any Jotun Multicolor Centre.'
Confusion on which shade to go for is ruled out by the Multimatch system, which gives various proposals on different combinations, both in contrast and harmony colours, to go for in any given situation.
'With all these features available, to have your dream colour on the wall will no longer remain a dream,' Pai comments.
Painting the walls is the quickest and cheapest way to change the look of the interiors. Be it a living area or a dining room, a home office or a bedroom, colour enhances the d‚cor, stimulates the mind and challenges the senses, he continues.
For those who are less daring to introduce a total change, Jotun advises that they can opt for painting just a single wall in their home. The coloured wall will serve as a focal point and in turn will inspire them with new ideas for the d‚cor.
'Colour will change the way you feel about your home when you walk into it. Whatever your pursuit, Jotun has the perfect colour to harmonise that personal quest,' he con