Samples of sandblasting work on glass by Zai.

Zamil Architectural Industries' (ZAI) sandblasting division has made a major investment in upgrading its production facilities with the installation of a state-of-the-art machine to sandblast flat glass and stainless steel surfaces.

The high-tech machine not only dramatically speeds up the sandblasting process but also produces better results at a lower cost, says a spokesman for the Dammam-based company, which is one of the largest processors of sandblasting products in the region.
This fully computerised system processes perfect quality products, which have already been marketed in the GCC region, he says.
"The new sandblasting machine can produce up to 300 sq m of full-surface or deep sandblasting on flat glass or stainless steel surfaces," he says.
The machine can sandblast products measuring up to 3,200 mm by 3,000 mm, with a maximum thickness of 19 mm.
"Quality is a watchword at ZAI, which uses relatively fine European abrasive in the sandblasting process to ensure that the edges of the design on the glass or stainless steel are clear and smooth, whatever the finish," he says. "The design is of consistent quality throughout the surface that has been sandblasted and a finish is superior to that of any other competitor in the world."
"Almost any design and size of image can be created - where the skills of the craftsmen are again very evident," he adds. "Each design is painstakingly created out of the selected flat glass or stainless steel."
ZAI also offers a coating to protect the sandblasted surface.
A sandblasted surface, by nature, easily attracts dirt and grease which can be impossible to remove. Once the coating applied, it renders the sandblasted surface resistant to dirt and grease and makes it easy to clean.