An Oakleaf replica of a period mirror.

Pioneers Fiberglass Company, one of the leading fibreglass companies in Saudi Arabia, recently introduced Oakleaf products, simulated wood mouldings which are maintenance free and environmentally safe,  have high resistance to heat, water and humidity, and are designed to substitute  natural wood for interior  as well as in exterior designs.

'Oakleaf mouldings are convincing, not only in appearance, but in sound and touch too,'' says a spokesman for Pioneers Fiberglass. 'Cast in cellular resin, and stained by hand, the range comprises accurate copies of English oak beams, riven oak linefold wall-panelling, carved cornice and frieze, faux book spines, rich embellishment and ornate mirror frames.
'Totally convincing as a replica of an original in wood, metal and other materials, it relies on the pioneering methods of manufacturing which US-based Oakleaf has perfected for moulding delicate detail.
''Oakleaf mouldings have been created to provide the designer with a vast choice of interesting and attractive period 'woodwork' which otherwise would be rare and expensive. The quality of reproduction is such that they may be specified with confidence, either for incorporation within existing woodwork for complete room decoration or as a single feature.
'The product offers an essential source of supply to those involved in renovation and refurbishment, whose designs no longer need be restricted through scarcity of material,' he adds.
All Oakleaf mouldings are manufactured in OCR (Oakleaf cellular resins) a material specially formulated for the purpose, reproducing many of the characteristics of wood. In addition, all Oakleaf products may also be manufactured using a special fire-resistant material, Oakscreen, to comply with regulations applicable to commercial situations (Class 1 BS 476 Part 7: 1987 surface spread of flame).
 The special manufacturing process ensures the mouldings are tough and hard-wearing. Their successful use in hotels since 1969 bears testament to this fact, according to the spokesman.
Each moulding has a rigid cellular core and most have flat backs to facilitate fixing. They are simple to fix to rough softwood framework or bare plaster, in most applications requiring only nails and glue.
 The range  comprises more than 250 products: including rough-hewn and adzed timbers and  accessories, simulated leather-bound book spines, linenfold panelling,  feature panels, friezes, cornices and strip mouldings, burnsall panelling,  embellishments and traditional mirrors.
Oakleaf mouldings may be used in both domestic and commercial applications, inside and out.
A special commission moulding service is available, where customers' own originals may be reproduced.