Hilti wire saws ... accurate and reliable.

Professionals in the installation trades now have the tool of their dreams: a system that makes diamond coring as easy as driving with an automatic gearbox, claims Hilti.

The leading European manufacturer of construction tools and a competent partner for concrete coring and sawing service contractors says: 'Whether it is used for wet or dry coring, hand-held or mounted, the Hilti DD 130 drills quickly and neatly through all materials such as masonry, sand-lime block, reinforced concrete and asphalt.'

The new Hilti diamond-drilling system is designed for professionals in the mechanical and electrical installation trades, general construction and plant maintenance who want to do their own diamond coring. The DD 130 and its matching range of Hilti diamond core bits have been designed for easy, single-user operation. 'It drills rapidly, neatly and precisely in virtually all materials and is ideal for universal use. In other words, being so versatile and easy to use, the Hilti DD 130 will quickly become the tool of choice for an ever-increasing number of jobs - a cost-cutting system that soon pays for itself even in small and medium-sized companies,' says Yigit Yeltepe of the Dubai-based Hilti Regional Office.

The Hilti DD 130 is capable of drilling holes up to 152 mm in diameter in reinforced concrete. For dry coring in masonry, the maximum hole diameter is 162 mm and the job can be done in hand-held mode. The Hilti TDA-VC 40 universal wet-dry vacuum cleaner can be connected to it in seconds to permit almost unrestricted use even in inhabited buildings, he says. Like changing the new Hilti core bits, switching from dry to wet drilling takes only seconds and requires no tools, he adds.

Thanks to its compact design, this convenient tool can also be used hand-held for drilling small diameter holes in the 12 to 62 mm range in reinforced concrete. The Hilti DD 130 has the advantage of causing very little vibration - a very important prerequisite for drilling on tiles or in natural stone.
The DD 130 can be set up on the practical drill stand with its click-on mounting system when larger core bits, up to 152 mm diameter, are required. This increases drilling precision and permits long periods of comfortable use.

Wet drilling in reinforced concrete is the application in which the Hilti DD 130 really comes into its own, says Yeltepe. 'The water flow rate can be regulated conveniently with the control at the grip and a special water-collector system ensures that holes of up to 132 mm diameter can be drilled cleanly even in occupied rooms,' he says.

Hilti offers solutions for each specific base material in the form of a range of core bits finely tuned to the performance of the DD 130. The result is exceptionally high dimensional accuracy of the holes and penetrations that means - freedom from reworking and finishing, he says.

Particularly when working on concrete with a high reinforcement content, the DD 130 together with the new generation of Hilti core bits proves beyond doubt that they belong to a class of their own. In other words: no more problems with rebar hits. 'In fact, the higher the steel content, the more obvious the Hilti DD 130`s performance advantage becomes,' he says.

Another diamond wire saw in the range, the DS-WS15 has the ability to tackle an almost unlimited range of applications comfortably, conveniently and with maximum efficiency, giving the technical demolition business entirely new perspectives, says Yeltepe.

'It cuts openings of all kinds and almost any shape in structural components of all thicknesses and in virtually any situation and saws anything from heavily-reinforced concrete to metre-thick stonework,' he says. 'It can do angled cuts, flush cuts, dry cuts and plunge cutting. It can be used in underwater applications, technical demolition, removal of foundations, chimneys, and for applications using releasable, plunging and vertical-cutting pulleys as well as circular wire sawing.'

Diamond wire saw
Diamond wire sawing moves into a new dimension with Hilti's new compact diamond wire saw, a tailor-made system for light- to medium-duty cutting applications. Hilti's smallest and lightest wire saw, the DS-WS 10, is the ideal addition to every drilling and sawing professional's equipment. First of all, it can be powered by all Hilti hydraulic units or by hydraulic units from other suppliers. Secondly, this compact saw cuts with particularly high efficiency in the light- to medium-duty application range where use of a larger saw would be uneconomic.

This versatile saw, says Yeltepe, is ideal for a wide range of cutting jobs in the building trades, for example:

  • Small openings for ventilation and air-conditioning ducts without overcutting at corners
  • Cutting through columns and beams
  • Openings or widening existing openings for doors and windows
  • Cutting openings where access is difficult or where noise must be kept to a minimum

    All the advantages of the DS-WS 10 become apparent in jobs of this kind, he says. The saw's modular design, and its low weight make it convenient for use. The saw is easy to transport, quick to set up and ready for use in no time. Its advanced system incorporates a compressed air cylinder for smooth, gradual movement to ensure good cutting performance as well as maximum operating convenience and safety. 'Sawing professionals will also appreciate its low noise level, high reliability, low maintenance requirement and comprehensive series of accessories,' he adds.

    Hilti, a specialist for a wide range of applications in the field of construction worldwide, has supplied coring machines and diamond core bits since 1982 and service contractors from the concrete coring and sawing trade have purchased equipment from Hilti's own range of wall saws and blades since 1988.

    Since the takeover by Gearmec of Sweden - a company well known for its solidly built and innovative wall saws - by Hilti in 1992, the range of products offered has been optimised and expanded continuously. Today, it extends from coring systems of various types to a range of very easily operated, high-performance wall saws and wire saws as well as the appropriate diamond core bits, blades and wires. These products have all been developed by Hilti and are thus highly innovative.

    Hilti's support
    In order to meet the requirements of service contractors, Hilti has established special departments at its headquarters in the principality of Liechtenstein and in the national marketing organisations.
    Professionals from the concrete coring and sawing trade can thus rely on competent support from Hilti's own diamond coring and sawing specialists. These teams of experts assess the special requirements of customers in this field, develop and manufacture the appropriate equipment, core bits, blades and wires and provide a range of services that meet the needs of the trade.

    No matter whether drilling anchor holes or large openings, Hilti diamond coring systems provide the performance, operating convenience and reliability needed for coring applications of all kinds.
    Hand-held machines and rigs designed on a modular concept ensure great versatility and open up possibilities in countless applications. A special range of diamond core bits and individual segments for re-tipping is available to service contractors.

    Hilti's wall saws and wire saws are renowned for their power and performance. The machines available range from the very handy electric wall saw - representing a milestone in wall sawing technology - to the world's most powerful hydraulic wall saw.
    In a recent application in the UAE, Hilti's DS WSS 30 wire saw and DS TS 32 diamond cutting systems were used by Medi for the demolition cutting of the bridges associated with the Sheikh Zayed Road Interchange 2 and Interchange 4 projects.

    During development of these systems, great attention was paid not only to power and performance but also to convenience and ease of operation. A range of optimally matched diamond saw blades and wires are also available for these machines. The diamond saw blades, featuring exclusive short-tooth technology for exceptionally high cutting performance and long life, are a particularly notable innovation.

    To ensure best possible support to concrete coring and sawing service contractors, teams of specialists from Hilti's marketing organisations are on hand in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They offer rapid assistance, a constantly high level of product availability and comprehensive service - always with the objective of ensuring that customers benefit from maximum productivity and reliability at all times.
    Hilti is a global leader in products and systems for fastening, demolition, positioning, firestop and construction chemicals.