Hilti’s laser range meter PD 30 – a robust measuring tool.

Global construction tools and fastening systems manufacturer Hilti has succeeded in developing an economic solution for daily measuring tasks, which is compact and as easy to use as a measuring tape.

Hilti’s laser range meter PD 30 – a robust measuring tool with a modern design – provides the precision required to deliver reliable measurements. “It can measure from 0.05 m to 200 m, and is simply the fastest and most accurate laser range meter in the market (±1.5 mm per measurement),” says a spokesman for the company’s regional office in Dubai.

“The PD 30 is a pocketsize breakthrough which immediately impresses you with its smallness. Having a length of only 12 cm and a thickness of less than 3 cm, it is the most compact tool of its type available and can easily fit into a shirt pocket,” he adds. “In addition, the exceptional price-performance ratio of PD 30 makes it the most economic alternative to the conventional measuring tape.”
The spokesman continues: “The new laser range meter technology is far superior to conventional measuring methods and saves a considerable amount of time. It is easy and convenient to use, and offers a lot more than just highly accurate measuring results, making the life of the tradesman easy.”

Hilti’s new product finds a host of applications at construction sites, where measurements are made for three different reasons - verifying dimensions, setting out, or performing calculations.
Dimension verifications need to be carried out while fitting components and checking clearances and offsets, such as when fitting a window frame in an opening, checking door opening or floor height, among other applications. Setting out involves placing dimensions according to plans from existing references such as a new partition at some distance away for an existing wall. Calculations are performed to find out, add, or subtract volumes, areas and perimeters/lengths such as for cable lengths, painting areas, concrete pour volume, etc, the spokesman explains.
“Whatever the reason, people measure a lot on construction sites, and the same distances/areas/volumes are often measured several times. In reality, it is far cheaper to get it right the first time,” he says. “The hassle and the cost of rework is a lot more than the time/effort spent on making sure the job is done right from the first time. It is therefore not surprising that measuring is repeatedly performed throughout the project/job life cycle: right from estimation, to installation…all the way to getting paid.”

Ease of use
“The Hilti PD 30 – which can be handled by a single person – is simple, ingenious and is incredibly fast in measuring precise distances, he points out. Distance measurements and calculation functions can be activated by pressing a single key and the results are faster and more reliable than the traditional measuring methods. Without physical contact to the target, it provides pinpoint accuracy, which makes double-checking of measurements redundant.”
In addition to simple distances, the Hilti PD 30 laser range meter also measures perimeters, areas or volumes. Using its integrated calculation functions, it calculates areas for painting, tiling quotations, volumes for concrete pours and air-conditioning (measuring volumes of rooms to see how much cooling is needed). Using the folding spike, pinpoint measurements from difficult-to-reach corners, and hazardous or inaccessible places become easy.
Like a mobile phone, the PD 30 (with the optional charger kit) can be quickly and conveniently recharged from a car or from an electrical outlet.
“With this feature, the PD 30 will not let its user down with batteries lasting up to 20,000 measurements,” the spokesman points out. “At any time, the PD 30 is easily within reach, as it can be conveniently attached to the user’s belt in a stylish yet robust soft pouch.”
From an interior finisher to a tiler, painter, carpet layer, door and window installer, the PD 30 is a requirement for everyone in the building and construction sector.
“Such tools are becoming a must for architects, planners, real estate agents, superintendents and quantity surveyors. People associated with construction trades like mechanical, electrical, or building construction find great value in such a time-saving solution,” he says.
Even government bodies including inspectors, the police force, and fire brigades tremendously benefit from such tools, he adds.
“Laser range meters help the user get it right the first time and measurements are done faster, more easily, safely and accurately and single-handedly,” the spokesman concludes.