SBH Lighting has added another high-quality product to its already extensive portfolio following its recent appointment by Ideals – a UK-based manufacturer of Xenon lighting – to represent the firm in the UAE.

“The X-Flex Xenon lighting system is a welcome addition to our existing portfolio, providing customers with an even greater choice depending on their needs and budget,” says director Andrew Beresforde. “We pride ourselves in providing not only first-class customer service, but also design and consulting services as well as lighting solutions.” 
X-Flex is a flexible strip-lighting system, which provides an even distribution of light. The system can be coupled with standard dimmers to achieve warm and subtle lighting effects. It is said to produce magnificent results especially in dining areas, foyers and lobbies. 
“The fact that the systems run on 24 V power also makes it safe for installation in kitchens, bathrooms, display cabinets and other dry locations,” says the spokesman.
The application of coloured filters helps to create a band of coloured light easily and provides a cost-effective solution for areas that do not require constant lighting, he adds.
The X-Flex assemblies are mounted on a pliable two-core cable, and can be considered for use in areas such as curved recesses, signage applications, cabinets and even stair lighting.
SBH Lighting already offers a comprehensive range of high-quality lighting products, exclusively from British manufacturers, giving customers the satisfaction of long-lasting products. The addition of the X-Flex system from Ideals confirms SBH Lighting as the premier source for lighting equipment in the Middle East and beyond, he says.
In addition to X-Flex, Ideals (GB) also manufactures Floaters – an instant solution that will help replace the usual methods of illuminating living, working and play environments. 
Floaters, which is exclusively available from SBH Lighting, comes in ready-made shapes and can be suspended from ceilings or wall mounted. Equipped with the X-Flex Xenon striplighting system, they provide instant designer lighting.
Available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit all tastes, they can be painted in any colour, and therefore perfectly blend into existing environments. As an optional extra, Floaters are also available with coloured sleeves, which simply slip over the lamps. The ability to mix light and colours creates stunning combinations of effects, only limited by imagination, he adds.