Muraspec, which boasts of a 35 per cent share of the wall-coverings market in the Gulf, is undergoing a radical re-evaluation of its operations aimed at stimulating the growth of the sector as a whole and help increase its business by up to 30 per cent in the next two years.

As part of this re-evaluation strategy, the UK-based manufacturer and distributor of wall-coverings for the commercial market has given its product range a complete overhaul, with up to 900 new products available by the end of 2004 – representing 60 per cent of the range.
Among them are a couple of innovative products recently launched in the region by the company.
Bio-Pruf, Muraspec’s anti-bacterial wall-covering, and MemErase the wipe-clean wall-covering have now been made available in the Middle East, says Chris Williams, sales and marketing director.
“Bio-Pruf actually inhibits the growth of micro-organisms and bacteria, and can help keep sterile areas as germ-free as possible,” says Williams.
This range of wall-coverings is treated with a chemical biocide, and has been designed for use in environments such as hospitals and health centres, where hygiene and sterile conditions are critical.
“The Bio-Pruf biocide is added during the production of the wall-covering, and hence is active as long as the wall-covering is used,” he adds.
MemErase, Muraspec’s wipe-clean wall-covering, will allow CEOs to brainstorm ideas in the office – without resorting to bulky white boards, he points out.
The range, which is available in white as well as eight pastel colours, has been designed to integrate with most modern or traditional business environments. The wall-covering – which has a limitless dry-wipe facility – can be used across an entire wall, or in small sections for writing messages, says Williams. 
“The product, which can be used across a wall in a meeting room or office, is ideally placed to record moments of inspiration. We’ve found it works particularly well on partitioning in open-plan offices, not least because it negates the need for messy Post-It notes and helps streamline the look and feel of an office.
“In addition, it works particularly well in a creative or brain-storming situation, where people seem automatically drawn to scribbling their thoughts on scraps of paper. MemErase allows this freedom, yet adds a more practical solution,” he adds.
The company is also introducing several measures aimed at ensuring customer satisfaction.
“Customers should all be able to benefit from bulk-delivery price reductions – even if they are a one-off home buyer, says Williams.
Muraspec has introduced the same delivery charges across its customer base, from an interiors firm fitting out an entire hotel, to a home user requesting a couple of samples.
“We treat all our customers the same, whether in the trade or not, and each one of them should be able to benefit from the same deals on delivery and price.
“We believe this flexibility on both price and delivery is one of the key factors for our success, not least in the Middle East – where logistics continue to be one of the region’s biggest challenges in both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer sectors.”
Says Williams: “Muraspec tracks its deliveries door-to-door in both its home UK market, as well as in the Middle East, with the company boasting a 98 per cent record on its delivery on time and accuracy promises.”
“From the moment the delivery is boxed up in the warehouse – be it a handful of samples, or thousands of rolls of wall-coverings for a hotel refurbishment – it is tracked through to signed delivery by Muraspec,” he adds.