Gemaco ... ergonomically-sound office solutions.

Gemaco Interiors, a leading UAE-based design consultancy, now offers a complimentary in-house design consultancy for both corporate and individual customers in the emirate.

“As well as ergonomically-sound office solutions, Gemaco also offers advise to individuals on the interior design of their home,” says Soren Kraen, general manager of Gemaco.
“We are the first company here to offer this facility for free, and we are seeing an increasing demand for the service as more people buy property in Dubai,” he adds. “This interaction with the customer, whether it is a corporation or an individual, is one of the most effective ways to grow business organically.
“Retaining a customer is four times more economical than attracting a new one, and we see that parallel with markets as well. Developing our position in the UAE market is the most efficient way of growing our business.
“We invest a lot of time and effort when designing office interiors to ensure that we provide a healthy solution, taking correct lighting, posture, and comfort into account,” says Kraen.
According to Kraen, Dubai residents are far more aware of the developments made in interior design in the Europe and the US, and are demanding about their products.
“In the old days, the UAE used to be a few years behind other cities in design terms, but now we are seeing that gap decrease.
“We are seeing people invest more money in their furnishings as they move to Dubai for the medium- to long-term, and really want to commit to the design of their home.”
“An increasing number of design-orientated buyers are coming to us to fit out their homes, whether rented or bought, which means we can be far more adventurous in our product ranges,” says Kraen.
Gemaco has forecast a 25 per cent growth for 2004, thanks to the huge number of property developments springing up across the country.
“While many companies are expanding into the GCC, we believe that there is enough potential for growth here in the UAE to register a 20 to 25 per cent increase in turnover this year.”
The firm recorded a turnover of Dh100 million ($27.2 million) in 2003, across a business that is split evenly between corporate and individual clients. According to Kraen, one of Gemaco’s key factors for success in this market is its in-house design service.
“We have made a conscious decision to focus on our key markets in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, as we believe they have huge potential, rather than risk by moving into new territories,” he explained.
Kraen believes that the market has grown through the increased number of long-stay expatriates, as well as the burgeoning number of homeowners in the UAE.
“Latest figures suggest that there are 100,000 units available to buy – either open now or currently available off-plan – in Dubai alone, and we see this as an area where we need to lead the way.”
Established in 1989, Gemaco Interiors currently represents more than 70 manufacturers from America, Europe, Scandinavia and the Far East.
The firm has principal showrooms at Abu Dhabi and Dubai, with warehouse facilities in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Dubai.
The firm’s corporate clients includes the Adnoc Group, Emirates airlines, Al Ain Economic Development and Tourism Promotion Authority, MBC, HSBC, ABN Amro, Shell, BP and Higher Colleges of Technology. It is also currently involved in projects for Dubai Media City, Dubai Internet City and Dubai Sports City.