A new bathtub from the Happy D series.

Duravit has extended the Happy D series with a new range of high-quality acrylic bathtub and shower trays designed by Sieger Design.

The range is described as an intelligent addition to its successful ceramic products.
“The Happy D series, developed by Duravit together with Sieger Design, stands for a pure, timeless design concept,” says a company spokesman. “The basic shape takes its inspiration from the letter ‘D’, seems familiar, but still wins people over with a modern simplicity and sensible price to quality ratio.”
Sieger Design has remained faithful to its line and has retained the ‘D’ shape. Using the washbasin as a model, both the inside and outside radii of the bathtub follow the same lines as the ceramics. The gently sloping inside radius, which – as in the washbasin – is formed like a ‘D’, presented a technical production challenge, says the spokesman.
He adds: “However, Sieger was not just paying attention to the appearance in choosing the shape. It also helped achieve a high level of comfort and freedom of movement by sloping the back at 28 degrees. This was judged very agreeable, and provided the generous 46 cm depth of the bath.
“The seamlessly moulded aprons curve smoothly downward in perfect visual unity with the tub. Nothing disturbs the sleek streamlined shape of the Happy D bathtub.”
The final outcome is that Duravit has come out with six different models, which will fit into any variety of layouts.
“Whether as a built-in or free-standing bath – as a corner with sides of different lengths (right or left-handed versions), as a back-to-wall version or as a lay-on version with a higher rim  – Duravit's extensive range on offer opens countless possibilities for fitting out the bathroom.
“All Happy D bathtubs measure 180 by 80 cm on the outside. The excellent geometry allows for maximum internal measurements for enjoyable bathing and the central outlet makes a significant contribution to the seated comfort,” he says.
For that rich experience, the two built-in models can be fitted with air and jet systems. The models also come with a wide choice of practical accessories.
“The Duravit coloured light module provides pure relaxation: five lights are set into the walls of the bath to provide atmospheric surface lighting of the bath water that adds to the feel-good factor. Soothing yellow, white, red, green and blue ones stimulate the senses and at the same time provide atmosphere in the bath,” he explains.
The Happy D range is “squared off” by five rectangular or square shower trays measuring 90 by 90 cm, 80 by 100 cm, 100 by 100 cm, 90 by 120 cm or 100 by 120 cm. For even greater flexibility in planning, the moulded apron is available in two heights – 80 and 180 mm. There is attention to detail even here: all the shower trays follow the basic “D” shape, where even the outlet becomes a significant element of the design, set in an extension of the acrylic rim.