Surfaces treated with Uniglace prevent dirt from adhering by reducing the angle of contact.

MVF Foerg, a German expert in the restoration, reconditioning, renovation and preservation of natural and cast stone surfaces, is looking to market its innovative long-term protective coating Uniglace 2000 in the Middle East.

“Neither a cleaning nor a care agent, Uniglace 2000 is a transparent liquid that gives a glaze-like coating that combines with the surface,” says company spokesman Daniell Foerg.
“Surfaces coated with Uniglace 2000 are not only water, oil and dirt repellant but also have antistatic properties and prevent dirt from adhering and resist acid rain.
"Uniglace 2000 also enhances the colour and appearance of treated surfaces,” he says. “The entirely new high-tech finishing that protects many kinds of surfaces will require hardly any detergent to be cleaned. After a single application only, a thorough rinsing with water is enough to let dirt just drip off the surface.
“The coating also gives excellent coverage as a 100 ml of Uniglace 2000 can give protection to surfaces ranging from 20 to 25 sq m. Uniglace 2000 is applicable on all smooth surfaces of aluminium, varnish, glass, plastic, chrome, stainless steel, stone, porcelain, etc.
Facades, sanitary ware, vehicles, caravans, motorbikes, boats, airplanes, etc. treated with Uniglace 2000 will be protected for many years against dirt and polluting environmental impact.
The surface coating also has several advantages that are said to include:
• Longer cleaning intervals;
• Saving of cleaning agents, water and time;
• Permanent surface protection combined with prevention of corrosion;
• Perfectly suited for everyday life, improved preservation of values;
• Long-term protection for many years (depending on use);
• Only one product to treat many surfaces;
• Reduces adhesion of dirt, thanks to strong beading effect;
• Resistant to extremes of temperature ranging from minus 50 deg C to 220 deg C;
• Hard but elastic microfilm coating without any wax contents;
• Permanently ultraviolet (UV)-resistant;
• Refreshes faded colours of varnished surfaces; and
• Easy to apply, requiring no polishing.
Foerg is also looking to promote its tried and tested ceramic-sealant Wearmax, which it calls a sensational and patented US innovation.
This durable protection for stones, woods, PVC and linoleum offers maximum abrasion-resistance, is chemical-resistant, is resistant to disinfectants, offers best cleaning properties and – being water-based – is ecologically friendly, says Foerg.
“For this high abrasion-resistant Wearmax-sealing –processed, Foerg offers a guarantee against the abrasion of 10 years in living areas and three years in public areas,” he says.
“This unique sealing offers the possibility to enhance old surfaces, while giving new projects the above-mentioned advantages.”
“This optimum sealing for surfaces with a long-term guarantee saves maintenance costs,” he adds.