Peta's automated production lines are complemented by trained operators.

Peta, a Cyprus-based manufacturer of high-quality decorating tools such as paint brushes and rollers is keenly eyeing the high-growth markets of the Middle East and is planning to introduce its latest products at this year’s Big 5 show.

The company, which is making a repeat visit at the show, intends to make a bigger impression on the finishings sector with its high-quality brushes, rollers and allied tools. “Last year, we had a good response at our stand and we have been able to grow marginally in the market but this time around we intend to improve on it,” says Carlous Petrou, sales director of the company.
One of the products that will be introduced into the market will be the Zebra range of brushes that have been widely accepted in the European markets for its anti-slip properties.
“An exceptional quality paint brush, with exceptional features, this new series has a special non-slip handle, and also contains a special mixture bristle, which allows it to be used with water-based as well as oil-based paints,” says Petrou.
Also on display will be Peta’s range of sheepskin rollers. “Professional painters demand durable and high-quality sheepskin rollers for the best paint application. This exceeds their requirements, as it’s one of high quality material and workmanship,” he says.
Since 1977, the Peta brand has been associated with quality paintbrushes and rollers and the company has been marketing its products extensively in the markets of the UK, Belgium, Ireland, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Russia as well as the emerging market of India.
“Our reputation is built on trust – both in terms of valuing relationships, and in upholding quality standards,” says Petrou. “We are a family business and this has helped us greatly in achieving our collective objective – of being a leader in the decorative tools segment.”
From its initial operations in a single 150 sq m factory in Cyprus, the company has grown in size and currently has three manufacturing units under its fold that roll out high-quality paint brushes, paint rollers, decorating tools and plastic products and components both for the professional and the do-it-yourself (DIY) sectors.
“By constantly upgrading its production technology and services, Peta (Decorating Tools), with its own production facilities – including a plastics manufacturing factory – is able to offer high quality products at competitive prices, for a world market where demands for quality and choice are continuously on the rise,” says Petrou.
“As we evolve, we constantly strive to upgrade our products and services to exceed our customers’ expectations. Our paint brushes (for oil-based paints) range from superior quality products such as Peta Professional to fine quality ones such as Peta 300A.
“We also offer handmade distemper brushes (for emulsion paints) and lime brushes.
Our paint rollers range encompasses a variety of products, from sheepskin rollers (for emulsion/oil-based paints), to long pile (SFW) rollers (for rough/texture surfaces) and painters’ tools, such as paint trays, filling knives and telescopic poles,” he adds.
The company has also maintained its commitment to the environment as it manufactures paint rollers using the patented thermo-fusion method – which is one of the few environmentally-friendly production processes in the world. They are finished on its latest technology finishing-machine, says Petrou.
In the near future, the company also plans to introduce an innovative roller brush system that will provide a more efficient way of painting surfaces. The system is still in the trial stages and it should be introduced soon, once it goes successfully through the system of quality tests, he says.