Rigidal's systems ... innovative.

Rigidal Industries, a Dubai-based roofing specialist, says it has added two new cladding sheets to its already extensive range of profiled aluminium cladding and standing seam systems, offering virtually limitless tailor-made solutions to its clients.

The two new products – HC35/800MR and WA6MR – have been designed for the external elevations of buildings and break away from vertical to horizontal cladding, giving buildings a more modern and aesthetically appealing appearance, says David Page, Rigidal’s international sales director.
“For many years, architects have been pressing for a product that could break away from the age-old industrial trapezoidal look to new-generation products, which would be able to perform structurally in a similar manner and yet provide innovative designers with the flexibility to carry out aesthetic designs,” he adds.
Rigidal Industries is among the fastest-growing cladding companies in the Middle East region, which has experienced rapid growth over the years.
Its success, however, is not limited to the Gulf region as Rigidal now has an international portfolio and has executed numerous projects around the world, including in China.
Rigidal attributes its success in the worldwide market to its strategic location in the Gulf.
“One of the main advantages in operating from Dubai is the ease in which one can travel to the major cities around the world,” says Page. “This has enabled Rigidal to provide full technical support to architects and it is extremely easy to ship our materials to the construction sites.
Dubai has some excellent and challenging architectural designs and this has taught Rigidal to think outside of the circle to develop new products which go a long way to meet the design requirements of the architects.”
Rigidal prides itself in providing superior quality and service backed by full technical support to the architect from the very beginning of a design concept.
“This has allowed Rigidal’s expertise to be used to its full potential in winning major airport contracts such as the new international airport extension in Kuwait, Heathrow International Airport in the UK and here at Dubai International Airport,” he points out.
Rigidal have also been involved in stadia design, supplying projects in Hong Kong, Portugal.  The Bilbao Stadium in Madrid, and now Wembley Stadium with its associate company in the UK, are other feathers in Rigidal’s cap.