AL Haleef Paint Factory, a Riyadh-based manufacturer of paints, bases its market strategy on the strength of the quality of its products.

''Our strength is the high quality of our paints,'' says Saleh Ahmed Al Haleef, owner and general manager.

The company manufactures decorative paints (water and solvent-based); industrial paints; putty and sealant; and furniture paints.

Al Haleef's major markets are Saudi Arabia, other GCC states and Arab countries. The company exports 25 per cent of its total production.

The company is looking at new markets in the region. However, the price war in the sector is an irritant, says Al Haleef.

The company has a production capacity of 30 tonnes per day. It imports some of the key raw materials from the US and Europe and others are secured from the local market.

''Our strategy is to develop our product offerings and meet the customer's demands,'' says production manager Alauddin M Nagieb.

Al Haleef recently started the production of spray paints. It is claimed to be the first line in Riyadh to produce spray paints.

The company earlier introduced products such as golden emulsion paint for decoration and powder paint for concrete and asbestos surfaces in dry form.