The Unimat Gold and the timber profiles.

Weinig says that its Unimat Gold, a planer/moulder machine, not only enables users to manufacture a variety of products to a high quality, but also offers significant cost savings.

“With the Unimat Gold, you can produce a wide variety of high-quality products and, just as important, you can manufacture competitively and profitably,” says a spokesman for the leading manufacturer of both conventional and new-generation moulding machines,
“Of the conventional moulders, the Weinig Unimat Gold has established a reputation for particularly good value. The specially configured six-spindle Unimat planer/moulder incorporating a particularly high specification offers excellent value for money and is being offered at a special price,” he adds.
“The 6,800 rpm spindle speed of Unimat Gold ensures a super surface finish at a faster production rate,” he says. The powerful 75-hp machine is capable of meeting any machining demand. Apart from these, the model has a feed speed of 6 to 30 m/min via a frequency driven motor for feeding the most difficult timbers, driven table rollers, chromed and interchangeable table plates for abrasive timber and MDF, close spindle spacing for high-dimensional accuracy, plus many other features and options to make the moulder easy to set and operate,” he says.
The six-spindle moulder allows end-users to manufacture a wide variety of products ranging from picture frames, window scantlings, rubber wood components, solid doors and windows, hardwood flooring, teak furniture, wall panelling, all architectural joinery components – in fact, almost anything in solid timber, he says.
“The high specification, six-spindle moulder with extra features and attractive options, provides a rare opportunity for customers to buy moulders of a special capability,” he says.
Unimat Gold has the usual Weinig standard features incorporated in it, which includes receding chipbreakers; pneumatic pressure feed system and driven table rollers. The compact design takes up the minimum of floor space and close spindle spacing provides high dimensional accuracy, he adds.
The Unimat Gold has several options attached to it that will enhance its performance further and help meet individual needs.