HEMPEL Paints has launched a new epoxy coating called Hempadur Mastic 45881, which is polyamide adduct cured and forms a tough and hard wearing surface.

Developed specifically for the climatic conditions that exist in the Gulf region, Hempadur Mastic 45881 is ideally suited for the protection of structural steel work in medium to severely corrosive environments, says a company spokesman.

In addition, it can be used in above-the-waterline marine applications, such as for decks and superstructures. Further, it can be used as a finishing coat in its own right or can be over-coated with polyurethane coating, such as Hempel's Hempathane range, if required, he says.

"The Hempadur Mastic 45881 offers a number of advantages over more traditional epoxy products. Being surface tolerant, it can be applied where minimal surface preparation is possible. Further, it can be used as a self-primed system as well as an intermediate or topcoat. It has a high solids content and together with it being high-build, has lower application costs. As well as being available in a range of stock colours, Hempadur Mastic 45881 can be tinted on Hempel's Multi-Tint system, offering the user a wide colour choice. Application can be made by airless spray or by brush for touch up situations," he says.

Also new from Hempel Saudi Arabia is its product/systems guide on CD. This new CD has been developed to aid the selection of an appropriate paint system, whether the requirement is for a decorative paint system on masonry or wood, or for a protective paint system on steelwork.

On entering the system, which is made easy with the pre-installed software, and autorun facility, the user has a number of options. If he wishes to go straight to a specific product, this can be achieved by entering the product listing and simply clicking the appropriate product code to see the product data sheet.

If general systems information is required, the user has a choice of either decorative or protective systems. Within decorative systems, the user simply scrolls through the various finishes to select the desired system. If protective systems are selected, the user has a choice of mild, medium or severe environments and within each a range of paint systems are given.

Another option is information regarding the Saudi Aramco-approved Hempel products where full information regarding products and systems is given, the spokesman says.

In addition to the systems information and product data, there is also advice on surface preparation and application together with some information on Hempel.

"In developing the CD, Hempel has endeavoured to make it as user-friendly as possible and avoided the temptation to put on too many systems options which only serves to confuse. It should serve as a useful tool for specifiers and contractors," he says.