The PR20 proves useful in determining the depth of the excavation.

Arobust rotating laser that levels itself automatically within seconds is the latest development from the laser laboratory of Hilti, a global construction tools and fastening specialist.

“Every bit as robust as it looks, the sturdy new Hilti PR 20 can take the tough conditions of outdoor work on construction sites. This highly accurate tool for levelling and aligning in the horizontal or inclined planes provides dependable results in virtually every situation over an area 400 m in diameter,” says a spokesman for Hilti Regional Office.
“PR 20 simply gets the job done more quickly and more efficiently – and all that with just a touch of a button,” he continues. “Once set up and levelled, it can be relied upon to provide accurate references. Its built-in shock-warning system alerts the user immediately in the event of heavy vibration or movement, thus actively preventing errors that can be caused by continuing work when out of level.”
“The rotating laser is built on revolutionary technology that can replace almost every optical levelling tool. The PR 20 is the perfect replacement for optical levelling tools, which usually require two people to operate, thus saving costs,” he adds.
The system comprises the PRA 20 laser detector, featuring an extra-long detection window, which locates the rotating laser beam quickly and easily, under all lighting conditions. With this pocket-sized detector attached to a suitable staff, a wide range of measuring, levelling and checking work in construction, civil engineering and landscaping can be completed more quickly and more productively, the spokesman points out.
Hilti PR 20 is suitable for jobs such as measuring and checking excavations of all kinds, pouring concrete for foundations and floors, aligning concrete formwork and laying drainage pipes or waste water pipes on the required incline.

The PR20 makes the aligning and the
readjustment of formwork easy.

“All of these everyday measuring and leveling tasks can be carried out quickly by a single person without the need for double-checking. With the PRA 20 laser receiver, the depth of the excavation can be measured with spot-on accuracy. The PR 20 proves to be a true and reliable time saver on the jobsite when it comes to pouring and compacting concrete deck at the exact height, aligning and readjusting the formwork for a concrete deck, setting out the slope of a ramp, and pipes laying on the correct incline without any difficulty,” the spokesman adds.
The Hilti PR 20 has been designed for everyday use, so its controls have been kept simple and are thus largely self-explanatory.
Once switched on, this rotating laser provides a dependable reference for more than 80 hours before the batteries require recharging. It operates reliably under the harshest conditions of daily jobsite. The product can be used in temperatures from minus 20 to more than 50 deg C, is dust and waterproof (protection against water jets) and is largely insensitive to vibrations, the spokesman indicates.