The Kinaz sanitary ware set.

Saudi Ceramic Company (SCC), one of the largest ceramic manufacturers in the Middle East, launched its 2005 sanitary ware collection at the recently-concluded ISH exhibition, held in Frankfurt, Germany.

The collection includes two complete sets as well as several single pieces aimed at the luxury and economy segments of the market.
The most prominent among them was Kinaz, a complete bathroom set.
“Designed for the high end of the market, the elegant design of this model stands out not only because of its attractive modern sleek shape but also for its advanced technical features,” explains a spokesman for the Riyadh-based company. “This beautiful model can be installed back to wall. The washbasin has a very sleek design and its splashback is designed so as to prevent water from splashing on the wall.
“Meticulously crafted accessories also make this set a remarkable one. This model is currently available only in the off-white colour, however SCC intends to extend the choice in a variety of attractive colours.”
Another new model launched was the Lama, a complete bathroom set which also features washbasins and water closets with a beautiful and comfortable shape. Targeted at the budget-conscious segment of the market, this model is available in white, pergamon and ivory colours.
The company also introduced the single-piece washbasin Marmar 75, which is available in white and marble colours, and a series of vanity tops under the name Bodour.
“Deep and comfortable with beautiful curves, Bodour has four oval and round-shaped models, which are mounted on wooden furniture. These include:
• The round-shaped Bodour 100 – without a tap hole;
• The Bodour 200 – with a single tap hole);
• The Bodour 300, which is oval-shaped in front and rectangular at the rear and features spacious side ledges for toiletries. It has a single tap hole; and
• Bodour 400, also tabletop washbasin with a round-shaped rim and a sloppy basin with a single tap hole.
In addition, SCC has also extended its offering of colours with Nile blue, off white, matt white and pergamon, which will be further expanded.
To further widen its sanitary ware portfolio, the company is also planning to launch more new sanitary ware models.
“Today SCC has some of the best sanitary ware models in the region, which are aesthetically as well as technically advanced,” says the spokesman. “All these models come with excellent flushing mechanisms – including the six-litres per flush models, which help to reduce wastage of water. Its sanitary ware models are all designed in such a way that cleaning and maintenance is very easy.
SCC had recently modernised its sanitary ware plant – which has a production capacity of 1.8 million pieces per annum – adding several pressure casting machineries and computerised robot-spraying machines.