International Brother Pahl Company (IBPC) – regarded as one of the most exclusive roofing specialists – says that its wide range of products include handmade, elegant and unique roofing solutions.

With a project portfolio boasting the residences of top football players, internationally-acclaimed designers, architects, commercial ventures such as upmarket hotel resorts and many churches across the globe, IBPC is making its presence felt in the Middle East with offices and agents in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, UAE and Palestine, he adds.
“We have an exciting range of products, manufactured from one single material – top quality clay – that offers our clients extraordinary design possibilities,” says CEO Alexander Pahl. “We offer a wide variety of roofing tiles, cladding systems and panelling of perfect quality, in any form and colour – including gold or platinum.”
He adds: “The colour combinations on offer are endless. IBPC boasts 50 basic shades and can provide thousands of individual colour combinations for its clients. The company's colour-coated system brings out the smallest of the details in the combination. In addition, the tiles look as good as new even after several years of use, because the products are coated with an innovative dye penetration coating that offers lasting colour stability. Customers are also assured of continual creative support through the company's colour studio.
“The roofing tiles also come in various surface varieties such as natural, grooved, plaster strips and can be laid out through three different cladding systems – simple laying of the tiles, complete concealed anchorage, and optional protection against dismantling. The roofing tiles, cladding systems and panelling are maintenance free and offer high resistance even in aggressive environments. They are also resistant to UV (ultraviolet) rays, sand and humidity, and have an airflow system to keep the heat away and provide a natural pressure balance during storms to ensure roof tile positioning.
“The choice of colours and formats allows diverse surface structuring options for the architects who can also opt between open and closed design of joints. Unrestricted ventilation is available due to vertical positioning of support rails. The weight of the system is less than 35 kg/sq m and requires a minimal installation period for system sub-construction and tiles.”
“The roofing system offers functional advantages such as optimal heat insulation and water vapour diffusion, minimised humidity of renovated and newly-built walls and roofs, comfortable room climate – as there is virtually no temperature exchange with the exterior – and reduced energy consumption,” he points out.
“The fine quality of the IBPC roof tiles as well as the high baking factor makes it a perfect choice for our discerning clients. Double-dried clay is processed, completely dyed in colour mixtures and subsequently burnt at temperatures exceeding 1,100 deg C giving the tiles a ceramic façade combined with unrivalled value for money.”
With IBPC systems, the maintenance costs are minimal as they are dirt-repellant, he adds. “Even repairs or the entire redesign of the roofing system is simply a matter of laying it differently. Each roof or cladding tile can be individually exchanged by non-destructive means,” he points out.
“As one of the leading worldwide specialists in roofing solutions, the company has been providing individual high-quality products since 1912. With a team of 35 highly qualified employees, IBPC provides a personalised service through the whole project offering a 30-year warranty on its roofing systems,” he concludes.