Abu Dhabi-based Axess Inter-national – which claims to be the only US-manufacturer-representative firm dedicated to the contract office furniture industry and focused in the Middle East markets – is promoting quality workstation systems and people-centered furniture from the US in the fast growing regional markets.

“With the Middle East being well on its way to signing free trade agreements with the US as well as the changing dynamics and tremendous growth of the Middle East markets as a whole, it is becoming crucial for manufacturers to have a direct local presence in the market,” says Joe Kashou, CEO of Axess International.
“We are neither dealers nor re-sellers. Our dealer and distribution partners work directly with the manufacturers, as they have done in the past. Our manufacturing partners are very committed and are very serious about the Middle East market and its long-term direction, our presence here will make it easier to do business” he says.
“Simply put, Axess International will help increase market share to both dealer and manufacturer at the same time provide unprecedented technical expertise to the industry players,” he adds.
The company has partnered with some well-renowned companies that include:
• AIS, the leading US manufacturer of quality workstation systems which is renowned for its award-winning ‘Matrix’ workstation system. It is also a winner of the prominent Shingo Prize, which recognise companies in the US, Canada, and Mexico that achieve world-class manufacturing status.
• Inwood Office Environments, based in Jasper, Indiana in the US, a prominent manufacturer of high calibre solid wood tables for the educational, home and contract furniture, along with hand-crafted wood workplace furniture.
• Canadian firm Nightingale Chairs, which since 1928 has been providing the world with inventive seating solutions. The ISO-9001certified company’s commitment to comfort, quality and innovation has always remained constant. Many of its current office seating products are patented and/or design registered.
• Izzy Design, based in Spring Lake, Michigan in the US, which combines simple, affordable furniture and seating design with advanced engineering and lean manufacturing capabilities.
Headquartered in Brunswick, Ohio in the US, Axess International’s team of industry professionals will not only provide the US contract office furniture manufacturers with a local presence in the market, but will also provide high level technical and commercial support to their existing distributor partners as well as establish new distribution channels across the region.