Sadolin’s range ... new look.

Omani paint manufacturer Sadolin Paints Limited (SPOL) has recently unveiled an entirely new range of emulsions for interiors and exteriors, known as the 88 Plus.

Repositioned as a five-in-one super premium emulsion, the new range of will provide consumers across the GCC with unparalleled quality and value for both interior and exterior requirements,” says a spokesman for the company.
The “five-in-one” indicates that each product offers five attractive and desirable paint properties for its end application, he adds. These include easy to clean surfaces, micro-bridge cracking, low odour, rich smooth finish and excellent coverage.
“For all its interior paints, Sadolin Paints have adopted a pioneering approach in formulating environmentally-friendly products. Odour is an important factor for consideration when making an educated purchasing decision. 88 Plus interior emulsion, which is devoid of ammonia, nonylphenol polyethoxylates (NPEO) and alkylphenol polyethoxylates (APEO), is truly low in odour and environmentally friendly.
“Resistance to common household stains also remains a high priority for homeowners and this new range of Sadolin products uses a revolutionary combination of emulsion and additives that result in a rich, smooth and easy to clean finish,” he adds.
The exterior emulsions marketed as 88 Plus XT 5 in 1 Super Premium Emulsion also offer five benefits that include: anti-algal and fungal characteristics, excellent durability, micro-bridging, rich matt finish and excellent resistance to UV, water and alkalis.
Formulated with 100 per cent pure acrylic, the 88 Plus XT improves the durability and light fastness of emulsions used for exterior applications. High emulsion and pigment content gives excellent durability and good coverage of 12 to 14 sq m/litre on normal surfaces and special additives makes this the best anti-fungal/algae exterior emulsion available in the GCC today, the spokesman claims.
Available in more than 3,000 shades through Colour Point tinting machines, 88 Plus emulsions, both for interiors and exteriors, have been developed keeping consumer requirements in mind as it delivers the best value at an affordable cost per square metre.
“At Sadolin, we have built on our values of quality, customer focus, and continuous improvement,” says general manager of Sadolin, M M Khan. “88 Plus quality was further strengthened based on the requirements of our customers – individually for interiors and exteriors. Sadolin strives to provide superior value for money to its customers. It is no wonder that 88 Plus continues to be amongst the most valued brands in the region today.”

Sadolin Pains has also recently announced an ambitious plan to boost sales in the region by rebranding and repositioning its best selling wall emulsion brands throughout the GCC.
“We already enjoy an enviable reputation for top-quality products and customer service, and by repositioning our brands we aim to make SPOL the automatic brand of choice for the vast majority of paint and decorative finish buyers,” says Khan.
Already enjoying a 40 per cent market share in Oman, the company has an impressive string of technical awards and accreditations to its name, including being the first Omani paint company to be awarded His Majesty’s Cup for Excellence, and the only paint company in the Middle East to be awarded ISO 9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification, he states.
The company’s new emulsions have an all-Arabic branding. In addition, new attractive packaging has been introduced in order to reflect the quality and prestige of the range of interior and exterior emulsions. The new containers have detailed directions for use in both Arabic and English on the reverse.
“We have reviewed the way we communicate with our customers in our drive to win an even bigger share of the market by promoting our products and capabilities to a wider audience.
“As the choice becomes wider and consumers become ever more sophisticated in their tastes, we need to continually review every aspect of our marketing and communications strategy to make sure we stay ahead of our competitors,” says Khan.
Set up in 1977, by the Omzest Group and a few other business houses, SPOL has state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Rusayl, with a capacity to produce 20 million litres of a wide range of decorative paints, wood protection products, furniture lacquers, protective coatings and adhesives.
It also has products catering to the auto-refinishing and packaging industries.
Sadolin Paints has a technical licensing agreement with Akzo Nobel, a leading international paint company, for its decorative paints and furniture lacquers. SPOL’s recently-launched interior emulsions are all environmentally-friendly products, the first of their kind in the GCC, he claims.
Keeping with the requirements for tough exterior coatings in the GCC, Sadolin’s new range of exterior emulsions are formulated with 100 per cent acrylic.
Sadolin Paints supports the largest network of Colour Point outlets and dealers in Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and Dubai along with distributors in Kuwait and Yemen. Using the latest-point-of-sale technology, customers can have their paints mixed and tinted in a wide range of shades to suit all types of décor, suitable for a variety of surfaces including wood, metal and cement.