Calgary Saddledome in Canada…protected by Sarnafil waterproofing system

A BUILDING without a roof makes little sense, a roof that leaks, even less.

Only the right waterproofing system provides protection and security and ensures trouble-free living for the occupants and preserves the building from premature aging, thus maintaining its value, says Khalil Fakhoury of Sarna products division at EA Juffali & Brothers, the Jeddah-based distributor of Sarnafil products.

Sarnafil waterproofing systems, manufactured by Sarna in Switzerland, stand up to the test in all climates. They are so designed that they provide ideal waterproofing systems for all types of flat roof, he says.

Sarnafil polymeric waterproofing membranes which are 100 per cent watertight enjoy worldwide acceptance, he continues.

"The systems are distinguished by their variety, both as to the system and type. Sarnafil offers the right solution for every situation," he claims.

"Depending on the application, Sarnafil polymeric waterproofing membranes vary in thickness and formulation. They are also available in a range of colours."

The company also provides fully perfected installation techniques and a complete offering of system accessories.

"Our customers profit both from the know-how resulting from our 30 years experience in the development, production and installation of polymeric waterproofing membranes, and from the comprehensive range of services which we provide. This includes materials analysis, advice on structural physics, planning assistance, training of contractors' personnel and supervision and inspection both during and after installation," says Fakhoury.

"Sarnafil polymeric waterproofing membranes are produced by a specially-designed manufacturing process. The selection of high-quality raw materials, adjustment of formulation according to specific application and use of various carrier materials, together with decades of practical experience, have created in Sarnafil a waterproofing system which meets the most exacting requirements. Sarnafil polymeric waterproofing membranes also exceed all internationally recognised standards," he claims.

The company's Sarnafil Tis a new generation material, which belongs to the group of flexible polyolefins. Polyolefins include the well-known plastic polyethylene and polypropylene used in mass production, both of which are thermo-plastic synthetics.

Sarnafil T is suitable for all flat roof applications for new buildings or refurbishing work and has many advantages over PVC, says Fakhoury.

"It is a plastic alloy based on flexible polyolefins with an excellent echo-profile. It combines all economical and ecological features of a modern flat roofing system. Sarnafil T has an extremely long lifespan and is suitable for all types of roofs. It also exceeds all current quality standards," he says.

Listing out the benefits of various Samafil systems, he says the mechanically-fastened Sarnafil flat roof system is specially suited for lightweight support structures in industrial construction; can be quickly installed and is cost-effective; has linear or point fastening; easily maintained; and has fully recyclable individual components.

The gravel-blasted Sarnafil flat roof system is cost effective because it has a simple system construction and requires little maintenance; allows limited pedestrian traffic and may always be planted retrospectively; and has fully recyclable individual components.

The planted Sarnafil flat roof system restores areas of green; enhances the quality of living; and improves the internal climate by reducing heat accumulation; filters out dust and promotes oxygen production; stores rainwater in its layers, having high water retention; protects the roof membrane, thereby prolonging its service life; and has fully recyclable individual components.

"In addition, Sarnafil T fulfills all the requirements arising from roof refurbishment with specific system components or relevant working procedures. Sarnafil T offers excellent thermal weldability and is extremely flexible at low temperatures," he says.

Sarnafil is equally suitable for new buildings as well as for refurbishing old roofs. It is easily welded without vapour emissions using the proven hot air welding technique, adds Fakhoury.