Philips has recently launched on the market its Spot LED, an innovative and stylish family of projectors, track and downlights featuring the latest LED technology.

Claimed to be free from UV and IR (ultraviolet and infrared) radiation, the Spot LED range is said to offer incredible energy and maintenance savings in hospitality applications, and adds a sparkle to retail environments and reduce energy costs in villas and wherever it is used.
Maximising light output and efficiency, the latest additions incorporate three Luxeon K2 high-powered LEDs and are available through the UAE-based Johnston Lighting and Accessories (JLA) as track-mounted and fixed recessed down lights. A choice of square and round ceiling rings for fixed recessed versions adds a finishing touch to design.
With a lifetime of some 50,000 hours compared with an average 1,500 hours for a regular dicroich spot lights, the Spot LED halves energy consumption, reduces maintenance and emits a better quality light, according to JLA.
According to Marie Johnston, managing director of JLA, the range is one of most “exciting new developments to reach the market in years”.
“Previously unavailable on the market, these Spot LEDs from Philips offer tremendous opportunities to architects and designers to incorporate energy efficient quality lamps and fittings into new developments at reasonable cost.  Anyone in the construction phase should be insisting on the use of these attractive and cost-effective spots!”
JLA has also launched the Luxeon LED ‘wide area’ or street light “enabling never-before applications that traditionally-used HID and halogen bulbs,” she says. LED applications include roadways, paths, warehouse security, parking areas, landmarks, architectural and canopy lights, amongst others. 
“Within solid state lighting systems, they provide better energy consumption and lower maintenance costs compared to traditional light sources.  Light weight and therefore easy to maintain, the Luxeon LED ‘wide area’ or street light has an approximate life of 50,000 hours with only a 30 per cent depreciation of light throughout lifespan, compared with 80 per cent depreciation for regular fittings.  Precise colour temperatures are also available to enhance aesthetics on buildings, landmarks and monuments.”
Use of Luxeon LEDs reduces light pollution such as glare (the result of excessive contrast between bright and dark areas in the field of view), light trespass (unwanted light falling on non-targeted areas) and sky glow, ensuring light is more managed and projected to the intended target, she concludes.
JLA is the Middle East Regional office of a well established player in the UK lighting industry LAUK/Johnston Lighting.   The regional office was opened in Dubai in 2005 in order to better service the growing demand for professional lighting solutions in the Middle East and North Africa.
As nominated lighting and maintenance products supplier to major commercial and industrial sectors throughout the Middle East, JLA has served clients such as hotels, banks, shopping malls and private developments, with  a diverse range of services and products, including design and consultation, commercial lighting supplies, decorative light fittings and lighting components.
Offering a ‘concept to completion’ package with respect to clients’ lighting requirements, JLA works closely with architects in the initial stages of a projects development right through to maintaining stocks and supplying the bulbs for the finished product on a daily basis.